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August 27, 2017 - The Great Kayak Challenge & Festival in Timmins

August 27, 2017

Today we did not get up as early as yesterday. My humans went to the Pancake Breakfast and let me try some. That was yummy. I love pancakes but as my stomach is still upset I did not get much.

Shortly after we came back to the trailer Tim showed up. We set up the tables again and my humans started to twist balloons. Today the Summer Water Sports stunt show took place on the river.
A lot of people went there to watch this. Business for my people was a little slower today. It seemed like people spent most of their money the day before. My humans still had fun and I rested underneath the table.

During the last stunt show the moderator said that one of the water skiers tripped because he wanted to save a balloon in the water.
My master just made a Not Captain America out of balloons and my mistress said he should give this to the people from the stunt show as a thank you for rescuing the balloon. So he went over there and gave it to them. They were just preparing for …

August 26, 2017 - The Great Kayak Challenge & Festival in Timmins

August 26, 2017

It was only 5:30 am when my mistress got up. Tim wanted to show up at 6 am to go paddling and my mistress wanted to attend the Sunrise Ceremony, Sacred Fire lighting, Smudge and Blessing of the Water which was done by the Natives. My mistress likes that and she told me it is very impressive and touching what they do.
It was very cold outside and I stayed in the trailer with my master a little longer.
After the ceremony was over we saw an eagle flying over the territory.

My humans had a quick breakfast in the trailer and a coffee from Tim Horton’s (thank you to that nice man from the security).

After they set up their table again people came and wanted to have balloons. My humans were busy all day long and could not even take a break. They said they are fine with that because they can rest in the evening and rather be there for the customers. Once in a while my mistress or my master took me for a little walk to let me pee. I still did not feel good and my stomach b…

August 25, 2017 - The Great Kayak Challenge & Festival in Timmins

August 25, 2017

More packing was going on in the morning. The humans packed Marc’s truck. At about 10:30 am the humans, Diesel and I left in the truck, pulling the big canoe on a trailer. My mistress told me that we would go to Timmins to the Great Kayak Challenge & Festival.
The humans set up everything there and I could lie underneath the table and sleep.

I need to admit I emptied the trash while the humans picked up the canoe last night. There were chicken bones in the trash and I ate them all. Today I don’t feel good – my stomach hurts and I have diarrhea. Last night I had to go out twice and my mistress had to let me out. I feel sorry for that but I urgently had to go.

Tim set up his table with a lot of pictures, paddles, the two canoes, books and much more. He even showed videos about the “Power of the Canoe”.

My master and my mistress set up a table with their balloons and they twisted for the kids. This afternoon they weren’t too busy but it was only Friday and two mo…

August 24, 2017 - Preparations

August 24, 2017

Yesterday the humans packed the trailer with a lot of stuff: benches, papers, displays, life jackets, balloons, matrasses and canoes. What is this for? They even packed my harness and my leash.

I think I better stay close to my humans to find out what’s going on and to make sure they don’t leave without me again. My mistress just came back from a journey and I don’t want her to leave again.
Tim and Marc left with the trailer and came back without the trailer a couple of hours later.

Marc and Diesel stayed at camp tonight and they said they would get up early in the morning.

My mistress and my master haven’t packed that much balloons for a long time. Maybe they have a gig somewhere? But what are the canoes for? They even picked up a big canoe from Camp Bickell this evening.

We went to bed early today and they still did not tell me what’s going on.

August 23, 2017 - Yipieee! She's back!

August 23, 2017

On August 21 in the afternoon my master left with Marc to pick up my mistress from the airport. My master told me she would arrive in the middle of the night.

He later told me that she arrived on time and that they went to Marc’s to stay over night. The next morning Marc did not feel good so they stayed another day in Timmins. Marc asked my mistress if she could make Lasagna. They went to the grocery store to get what the needed for the Lasagna. When they wanted to pay the card did not work, although there was enough money on the account. My mistress went out to Marc who was sitting in the truck to get cash. While she was looking for it my master came and had all the groceries with him. The lady that was next in line paid for the groceries. My master and my mistress asked me to write this in my blog and to thank the mystery woman for her kindness. This is very gentle and my humans will pass this on to somebody else.

My humans arrived at noon and I can tell you I was…

August 19, 2017 - Party Time

August 19, 2017

Yesterday my master and Tim cleaned up the garage, worked on the Tipi and on the stage. In the evening they lit a big campfire with a lot of wood.

In the morning my master cleaned the fireplace while I was running around on the property. Around noon Ozzy came and started to barbecue a lamb. My master told me they would have a party today. Ozzy invited a couple of people to celebrate that he sold the apartment building he remodeled.

Around 3 pm a lot of people started to show up - some of them had dogs. I did not like all of them and I played with most of them but I could not say Hi to one as she had to stay in the truck. She was a beauty but quite unfriendly.

I met Holly, a friend of Ozzy. She is nice and she liked me a lot. My master talked to her too.

At about 10 pm the lamb was finally cooked and the humans had supper. It smelled very good but I could not try it. Why wouldn't the humans let me have some of that food they eat? They keep telling me it is not go…

August 7, 2017 - My master is back

August 7, 2017

Finally my master was back, I am so very happy. He told me what had happened while he was gone so I could write all this in my blog.

By the way, do you like my blog? Feel free to leave a comment; I really would like to know what you think. Have you ever met a dog that traveled as much as I did? Tell me and send me pictures.

My master and I went to bed early today and he would let me sleep in his bed. Normally I am not allowed to do that but he knew I miss my mistress and he misses her too. It is way more comfortable on the bed then on my spot. Maybe I should convince them to let me sleep in their bed every night. I need to work out a plan for that. Maybe if I look at them with my big brown eyes?

August 6, 2017 - Will they come back?

August 6, 2017

Today my mistress got hold of the uncle and he booked the flights for her. At noon Marc took her to the airport and she left Timmins and Canada. She arrived safely the next morning in Frankfurt.
Luckily she could stay with her stepmother for the first week and with my master’s mom the second week. She told me to thank both of them for taking such good care of her while she was in Germany.

My master stayed another night at Marc’s place. I felt so lonely without them although Tim is very nice and I have company with Silver and Sally. But it just isn’t the same without my humans! How would I know if they ever come back? What if I have to stay here forever without them? Well, they left their stuff here, maybe they are coming back.

August 5, 2017 - Good Bye

August 5, 2017

My mistress and my master got up early after a night full of thoughts and talking. My mistress packed a little suitcase for her travels. She said she would stay for two weeks to make sure she will be there in case there would be a surgery.

Marc showed up at noon and they left to Timmins. They said they would go to the airport to get a ticket.
I had to stay with Tim and his two dogs. I did not like the idea, but Diesel and me in Marc’s small apartment would be too much they said. I don’t really know how long two weeks are, as I can’t count but to me this seems forever. What if they don’t come back and leave me here all on my own? On the other side Tim lets me run around on the property without watching me and I can sneak to Jerry’s Chip Stand on the property and beg for some food or go to the lake all by myself. My mistress and my master won’t let me do this on my own as they are afraid the train might run me over.

My master later told me that they could not get a ti…

August 4, 2017 - Emergency Call

August 4, 2017 – Emergency

This morning my mistress got a call from her oldest daughter via Tim’s phone. She told us that her youngest daughter is in hospital due to very heavy headache and numbness on her right side.
She already was in the emergency room in New York before but they couldn’t find anything. Now she is back in Germany.
My mistress told me that she went to the emergency room in Germany and they could not find anything either but called her later to come in because they saw something on the MRI.
My mistress was very worried and wanted to go to Germany immediately but as we are out in the bush it is not that easy. There is an airport in Timmins, which is about 60 km from where we are and to go there she would need somebody to take her there. Also the flights are very expensive.

Her oldest daughter told my mistress that the doctors don’t know yet what it is they saw on the MRI and that there is nothing right now they can do but watch her youngest daughter at the stroke un…

July 15, 2017

July 15, 2017

The weather wasn’t too good today but that does not matter as there were a lot of people on the property for the weekend.
My humans and Tim had a long chat in the morning in Tim’s house. Later my humans went into the paddle room to work on the video and Tim went to the lake to clean up the beach.

There was a chipmunk in front of our trailer and I would have loved to chase it but my mistress told me no because they are so cute.
With all these people around it wasn’t boring for me at all. There was Ernie and his girlfriend Maureen, Bob, Tyler and Candice stopped by on her way to Iroquois Falls. In the afternoon Tim joined my humans to work on the video.

It was cool and I enjoyed being at the paddle room with the humans, Silver and Sally. There was another dog that belonged to Ernie, it’s a huge boxer called Chico. He is 13 years old, a real senior. I haven’t met him yet but I hope I will later this day.

While my humans and Tim worked on the video Tyler and Ernie started a …

July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017

I skipped a couple of days in my blog as not much was happening.

Today it was sunny and very warm and not much wind. My humans took a canoe down to the lake and we went into the canoe and paddled on the lake, just my mistress, my master and me. They had to get used to paddling a small canoe but after a while they did pretty good as far as I can tell.

First I looked at the birds and the ducks and thought about chasing them but my mistress told me not to but to lie down instead as the canoe was shaking every time I moved. So I decided to lie down and take a nap while my humans had to paddle. There was nothing I could do anyway.

They paddled for about two hours and even visited the island. My humans were tired when they came back and I was ready to play with Sally and Silver.

Although they were tired my mistress made some chicken soup and after dinner they worked on the video again.

Who would have thought my humans would like paddling a canoe on a lake? It looks like they …

July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

The sun was shining again and I enjoyed taking a nap in the sun.
My humans and Tim talk a lot and they have a lot of plans. Tim is planning brigades for the next seven years. I am not sure, but I think my humans will help him with that.

Did I tell you about my humans’ plan for a Balloon Circus World? They plan to make a Balloon Circus World completely out of balloons. The original plan was to make it in the USA but Tim told my humans he has a lot of connections and now they might make it in Canada. Maybe we stay here a little longer.

The humans were working on the video for the website again. My master got very tired and he decided to take a nap. While he was napping Carl Watt showed up, he is Tim’s friend. He is a very nice guy and I really like him. He told my mistress that he was fishing and while he was fishing a duck family showed up and came to him. He told her he will never hunt ducks again but instead he will feed them.

Carl makes flies for fly fishing. He told …

July 8, 2017

July 8, 2017

Yesterday the humans worked on the website and on the pictures all day long. That was a boring day for me although I talked to Silver and Sally a lot.

Today the weather was very bad, rain and storm, but sunshine in between. While the sun was shining I took the chance to go to lake with my mistress. I am glad she understands my needs and I can show her what I need or want. The lake was fun again and I chased a lot of sticks. Silver and Sally were at the lake too and they chased me when my mistress thru a stick.

In the evening we all gathered in the paddle room again. The paddle room is a little cabin, just one room, with a table and a stove. My mistress said her grandmother had a stove like this in the kitchen when she was a child. To cook on that stove you need to put wood in there and light a fire. Today the humans did light a fire in the stove and it was nice and comfy. I lied on the sofa in the paddle room and took a nap.

The paddle room is for sitting together and tal…

July 5, 2017 - Iroquois Falls

July 5, 2017 – Iroquois Falls

Yesterday we stayed at Tim’s house all day long and the humans started to work on the video about the Westwind Brigade 2017.

Today my humans, Tim and me went to Iroquois Falls where Tim used to live and work. He showed us the town – the bridge, the former paper mill where he worked for a long time. They stopped at the museum. On Wednesdays they serve lunch at the museum as a
fundraiser and as it was Wednesday they took the chance to have lunch and look at the museum. I had to stay in the car but they told me afterwards what happened in there.

My humans looked at the exhibition in the museum, the history of the town. They told me they feel old now because they remember a lot of the things in the exhibition from their childhood, like to old skis, the “roller blades” which you tight to your shoe and lots more.

The humans even met the Mayor of Iroquois Falls, Mr. Mike Shay. He told my humans that I have seen more of Canada and the rest of the world than he ha…

July 3, 2017 - Tim's place (about 60 km from Timmins)

July 3, 2017 – Tim’s place (about 60 km from Timmins)

Although we went to bed late we woke up early. Tim was already awake when we got up. Finally I could introduce myself to Sally and Silver properly. We went out to discover his place. It is huge and I could run around a lot on this property. The girls, Sandy and Silver, and I ran for a while playing with each other. Later this day Marc showed up and he brought his dog Diesel with him.

Diesel and I looked at each other and sniffed and we decided we would need to see who is the boss here and who would be the boss of the two ladies. I am older than him but he was here first. We started fighting a little, growling, barking, and standing on our bag legs. Somehow our humans did not like that and they told us to stop. Would you stop if you were about to win a fight? I would not and so wouldn’t Diesel. We kept on fighting and chasing with our hair on the wrist standing up. Now our humans got angry and they put us on leashes and tied me to a…

July 2, 2017 - Arnprior to Tim's house

July 2, 2017 Arnprior – Tim’s house (Connaught/ON)

I admit the night in the truck wasn’t bad and even my humans had a good sleep. Marc and Marc went off to find parts to repair the truck and when they came back they said the wheel will be fixed and will be ready in 1.5 hours.
Marc’s truck had problems too and they started to repair that one too. They said the transmission did not work and they had to replace one part. They drove away again to get that part too and came back after a while with the parts they needed to repair Marc’s truck.

There we were on a parking lot in Arnprior, the humans repairing trucks and I had another sleep in the trailer.
In the early afternoon everything was fixed and we could leave. Marc’s truck was not completely fixed but enough to go home.
On the way to Tim’s house we stopped in Pembroke and had lunch, Tim invited all the humans. I had to stay in the truck and I did not like this. Again they ate without me.

After they came back we went on driving to Tim…