July 5, 2017 - Iroquois Falls

July 5, 2017 – Iroquois Falls

Yesterday we stayed at Tim’s house all day long and the humans started to work on the video about the Westwind Brigade 2017.

Today my humans, Tim and me went to Iroquois Falls where Tim used to live and work. He showed us the town – the bridge, the former paper mill where he worked for a long time. They stopped at the museum. On Wednesdays they serve lunch at the museum as a
fundraiser and as it was Wednesday they took the chance to have lunch and look at the museum. I had to stay in the car but they told me afterwards what happened in there.

My humans looked at the exhibition in the museum, the history of the town. They told me they feel old now because they remember a lot of the things in the exhibition from their childhood, like to old skis, the “roller blades” which you tight to your shoe and lots more.

The humans even met the Mayor of Iroquois Falls, Mr. Mike Shay. He told my humans that I have seen more of Canada and the rest of the world than he has ever seen. He never went further than Hearst, which is about 160 miles from Iroquois Falls. He also has never been on a canoe, can you imagine that. He does not know how much fun this is and my humans told him to try that out. The Mayor was very friendly they said and he was impressed that a service dog like me travels that far.

After that we went to Ernie’s house. Ernie is a friend of Tim’s and he has internet access and this is why my humans went there. They needed to see if some of the other brigade members sent pictures of the trip. There should be some pictures of me – I am the mascot of the brigade. I did not mention that yet? I must have forgotten with all the things going on. I am the official mascot of the Westwind Brigade 2017!

It took the humans a while to get everything they wanted. We went back home again after the humans did some groceries and got some good food for me.

I prefer being at Tim's place, there I can run around and sniff and pee at every tree - there are a lot of trees!

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