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February 26, 2018 – Going to the Vet again

Today was Monday and I had to go to the vet again to make sure I am ok. We had to go to Las Vegas again. This time the sun was shining and looking out of the window of the car was way more interesting.

We arrived at the South Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital in Las Vegas and my humans had to fill out a form. After a couple of minutes a nice woman took us to a room where we had to wait for the doctor.
It took a while until he showed up. Dr. Allen talked to my humans first and they told him what happened. He was a very kind young man and I trusted him when he took me to another room to put me on the scale to check my weight. There we met Bree, his assistant. We went back to the room where my humans were waiting for me. He examined me, checked my heart, my belly and my teeth.

He told my humans that I should be ok as the mouse was so tiny compared to me but that they have to watch me and come back immediately if I change in my behavior or my gums aren’t pink any more.

Thank you Doctor …

February 25, 2018 – The day after

My mistress woke up early, although it was Sunday. I was still tired as it was a very long day the day before. Otherwise I felt fine. I don’t know what that whole thing is about me eating that mouse. What is so dangerous about eating a poisoned mouse?

My mistress explained it to me. This poison makes the blood thinner and it makes internal bleedings and this is what kills the mice and rats. And it is possible that it harms me.
This little mouse might harm me, the big dog? This must be a very strong poison.

Today my humans kept an eye on me and I had to stay on the leash to make sure I don’t eat more dead mice.

February 24, 2018 - Poison

Today my mistress, my master and Ken spent the day at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in town. They made balloons for the Chamber of Commerce of Pahrump.

I spent the day with the rest of the family. In the evening I got hungry but my mistress and my master haven’t come home yet to feed me.
Some of the family members here sat in front of the TV and played games. I was looking around and found a mouse underneath the living room table. It looked dead to me. As I said, I was hungry and there was that dead mouse. To make a long story short, I ate that mouse. The humans around me reacted immediately and tried to get me away from that mouse but I was afraid they might take it from me and so I hurried eating it.

My mistress, my master and Ken came home shortly after that and fed me. When my humans heard that I ate that dead mouse they freaked out. They told me that that mouse was poisoned because there was poison in the pantry to get rid of all the mice in the house, as it wasn’t just the one w…

February 18, 2018 Mice in the house

I love these temperatures. It’s warm outside and no snow. Ok, it’s dusty and windy, but I don’t mind. My paws aren’t freezing any more and I can chill in the sun.

Today my mistress showed me a mouse, it was right in front of my nose. I don’t like mice, never tried them. They stink and I don’t like stinky things. Silver and Sally, Tim’s dogs, they would have eaten it right away. I do prefer my dog food, this is just waiting in my bowl and I don’t have to catch it first.

My master and my mistress told me that we will head back to Canada at the beginning of April. I hope it’s not cold there any more when we come back.

February 13, 2018 – A new way of flying

We got up early and my humans went to Tim Horton’s to have some breakfast. They offered me some food the day before but I did not want to eat and today they did not offer me anything. My mistress told me I couldn’t have anything as I have to go on the airplane again. NOT AGAIN!!!! I don’t like being in this box in the belly of this big metal bird, all by myself. But wait a minute; they did not bring my box. How am I supposed to fly with them without my box? Will they leave me behind and go without me? No, that can’t be true. My mistress told me she would take me with her to Ken’s house.
She gave me a little bite of a cake with my pills in it. I only get these pills when they put me on an airplane. Something is strange.
After breakfast my humans drove to the airport. My master and I waited for my mistress to come back to us as she returned the rental car. It only took a couple of minutes and she joined us. My humans went to the Check In. I don’t know what they are doing there but th…

February 12, 2018 – On the road to Toronto

Today my humans left early to pick up a rental car. Thank you Ozzy for your help!
After noon they came back home and packed everything in the car. I was scared they might leave me behind but my mistress put my blanket in the trunk so I knew she would take me.
Luckily they packed the day before so it did not take long to get ready. My mistress took me for a very short walk and I was so happy to be able to go with them that I started rolling in the snow. My mistress didn’t like that; she told me she does not want to have a wet dog in the car.

After saying Goodbye to Tim we left and drove towards Toronto. It was a very long drive. We only stopped for short breaks in New Liskeard, North Bay and somewhere in Toronto.
It was dark and late when we arrived in Toronto. My humans looked for a Motel 6 at our last stop and we went to the Motel right away, as they did not have many rooms left.

I was very tired but very excited. Long rides in the car aren’t bad as long as I can look out of the w…

February 5, 2018 – We are traveling again?

My mistress told me we are going back to the desert again, back to Pahrump, Nevada. She said we would stay there until the beginning of April and than go back to Connaught, Canada.
She just booked the flights but we have to find a ride from here (Connaught) to Toronto. I am a service dog but I got my paper from the US and so the rules in Canada are different and I can't go on a flight here. Hopefully they will find a ride to Toronto.
As much as I love to play in the snow I love to go back into the desert. But this means the temperate will be about 50°C warmer than here. I have to loose my fur very quick to not be hot.

I am looking forward to meet everybody again at Ken’s house.
My humans want to discuss some ideas about the balloon software they are working on with Ken and they want to go to World Balloon Convention in San Diego. I am not allowed to go there and I don’t want to and they only stay for 1 day.

We will be back here in April they say, as the True North Brigade wil…

January 30, 2018 - That time of the year again

It’s a long time since I updated my post. Not much happened though. We still have a lot of snow and I enjoy the snow very much, although it was very cold for a couple of days. My humans told me it was below -40°C sometimes. To me this number does not mean anything but it was cold, my paws were very cold.

What I really want to talk about today is, these two girls, Silver and Sally I living with in the house are in heat again. Remember last summer they were waiting for me outside the camper. Now we stay in the same house. I am in the basement with my humans and Tim and the girls are upstairs. No as they are in heat I have to stay in the basement all day long and I am not allowed to go outside with them. Tim does not want to have any puppies he says.

The girls try to come to me and keep looking for me. When I come upstairs the come to me and want me to sniff. This is a hard time. My mind is completely empty and all I can think of is the girls. I can’t eat, as I am not hungry.
Hope thi…