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July 1, 2017 – Black Rapids Log to Ottawa – CANADA DAY 150

July 1, 2017 – Black Rapids Log to Ottawa – CANADA DAY 150

We got up early again and I really need to tell my humans that this is way too early for me. I can get along with it as long as I can lie down somewhere and sleep after we got up but today I did not have a chance to sleep. This was a crazy day and I think I will never forget in my life and neither will my humans.

There was a lot of excitement in the air today. Everybody was in a hurry and there was no breakfast prepared today. Instead the humans packed the trailer with all the stuff that came along on the travel. They started to separate stuff and everybody was running around like crazy.

Did I mention that there was another group of paddlers on the campground? They spoke that funny language called French. This sounds really weird to me and I cannot understand a single word. My mistress does understand something but she won’t tell me what they were talking about.
These French-speaking people were from a canoe of the south wi…

June 30, 2017 – Arnprior to Black Rapids

June 30, 2017 – Arnprior to Black Rapids

This morning we did not have to get up that early and I could sleep in. At the park we met the Counselor of Arnprior and they took some pictures.
After this the humans went into the cars and we drove to Black Rapids. It was raining again but not as hard as before.

My humans set up their tent at the log in Black Rapids and had lunch. I could sleep in the back of the truck while they ate.
After lunch the paddlers left to meet the south wind brigade.

Marc, Marc, Nick, my humans and I took off to get some balloons as my humans wanted to make a 150 for Canada Day and put it on one of the canoes. There was a lot of traffic and it took us a long time to drive 3 km.
When we returned the paddlers were back in the camp and the one remaining canoe of the south wind brigade. They started with 14 canoes and 13 of the canoes stopped their voyage early due to the rain.

My master and my mistress started to work on the balloons and Tim started to prepare th…

June 29, 2017 – River Run to Arnprior

June 29, 2017 – River Run to Arnprior

Today we had to get up early again. My humans packed our stuff and put everything in the car.
My master and the drivers left to launch the canoes. My mistress and I sat next to the fireplace and Marc lighted a fire for us.
Marc also told us that there was a raccoon in the barn in the late evening. I just saw a squirrel and some chipmunks in the barn and I wanted to chase them very badly but I wasn’t allowed.

After a while my master, Marc, Marc and Nick came back and we went to Arnprior. This wasn’t a long drive and we stopped at Tim Horton’s for a coffee. I stayed in the car. It was raining again and I was glad I stay there.
The humans drove to the park where they paddler would arrive. It was raining very hard and the park was soaked. There were no showers and all of the toilets were stuffed but one.

After the paddlers arrived they loaded the canoes on the trailer and the drivers went back to pick up their cars in River Run. My mistress and t…

June 28, 2017 – River Run (day of rest)

June 28, 2017 – River Run (day of rest)

My humans allowed me to sleep a little longer today. They said it is a day of rest. I did not know what that meant but obviously we did not have to ride in the car.

All the humans had pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes are one of my favorites. Just so you know, my favorites are pancakes, porridge, noodles and rice. I did not get any pancakes today – that’s not very nice of my humans.

After breakfast my humans packed the balloons and half of the group went into the cars to go to visit Father Marc. Father Marc has a summer camp for children in Fort Coulogne. The other half of the group went wild water rafting in the camp we stayed at.

The ride to the camp wasn’t long and I was really grateful for this. When we arrived at Camp Patro I did not expect much. I haven’t been released from my leash for the last couple of weeks. They said it’s the law that dogs are kept on the leash. Shortly after we left the car I saw another dog and I really wanted to …

June 27, 2017 - Pembroke via Westmeath to River Run in Forester Falls

June 27, 2017 Pembroke – Westmeath – River Run in Forester Falls

After we got up my humans took a shower and they enjoyed it. Really? How can you enjoy water and getting wet? I personally prefer to stay out of the water. Sometimes my humans ignore that although they know I don’t like it.

We left to go to the campground and get breakfast. I don’t get breakfast, lunch and dinner I just get food once a day and I think this is not fair.

My humans transferred the paddlers back to Black Bear Campground in Petawawa where they left the canoes for the night. This was a nice beach. The one canoe was still on the beach, at least half of it as the other half was already in the water. My mistress asked me to jump into the canoe. Seriously? Me in a canoe, no way! Well I gave it a second thought because I really trust my mistress and I jumped in the canoe. That wasn’t that bad but the canoe was still on the beach. She took a picture of me and was very proud of me. I wasn’t a big thing jumping in t…

June 26, 2017 - Rapides de Joachims via Deep River via Petawawa to Pembroke

June 26, 2017 Rapides de Joachims – Deep River - Petawawa – Pembroke

Today we went up early again and my humans had breakfast while I had to stay out of the kitchen.

When we were out there were a lot of mosquitos again and they tried to bite me again. Luckily my mistress saw this and put me in the car to stay safe.
My humans had to transfer a lot of cars to Pembroke, which is about a 1-hour drive for 67 km.

Marc, Marc and Nick did not want to paddle today, as Marc wasn’t feeling too good. The paddlers launched into the lake in front of the lodge.
If I would have known that I had to stay in the car all day long I might have stayed at the lodge.

First my humans, Marc, Marc and Nick took the trailers to Pembroke to the campground. Luckily we found this easily. We went back to Deep River to meet the paddlers there for their lunch break. On the way we back we stopped at Tim Horton’s in Deep River, as my humans needed a coffee. I didn’t get anything and to be honest I don’t like this. …

June 25, 2017 - Two Rivers (Deux rivières) to Pointe aux Pines Lodge / Swisha

June 25, 2017 Two Rivers – Pointe aux Pines Lodge / Swisha

My humans and all the other paddlers got up early again. It was raining again and my humans had to put down the tent. They had breakfast and after that my mistress and the other drivers took off to transfer the cars to the next launching point. My master and I stayed at the campground in Two Rivers until they came back. He stayed on the pier with me what meant they were fewer mosquitos. These mosquitos bit me in my belly, in my ears, in my very private parts, in my nose, just everywhere. It itched and I could hardly sit still. My mistress hasn’t seen the bites yet and she got mad with me because I could not sit still. But after she found out she tried to cool my belly to help me feel better.

They arrived about one hour later and the paddlers went into the canoes. My humans had to bring the remaining two cars to the next stop.
When my master wanted to start the Van he had to drive it did not start, as the battery was dead. Luc…