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October 9, 2017 OMG the bear is back

This morning when we came to Tim’s house the garbage can was flipped over again and it looked like the bear was there. I even could smell him. My mistress saw a footprint in front of our camper too but wasn’t sure if it is an old or a new one. How exciting, maybe I can meet him this time and ask him to play. My mistress told me that I need to be careful, as the bear is a wild animal and would probably be dangerous for me.
Tim told my humans that the bear was there during the night and scared him away. I wish I could have been there!

Later my mistress went on a walk on the property with me and we found his footprints just a couple of meters from the camper. Tim said the bear is about three years old and big.
The smell of the bear is very strong and there were many footprints. See for yourself on the pictures below.

Later today my humans decided to go on a canoe ride. Yes, I love canoe rides. I was so excited and could hardly wait until they crapped their gear and were ready to go to…

October 1, 2017 – Coyotes in the night

Last night the coyotes have been near the camper. I woke up because they were so loud. Even my mistress woke up. The pack was chasing something and it sounded like they were circling around the camper but I couldn’t see anything. My mistress tried to see them but she couldn’t either.
There must have been about 15-20 coyotes in the pack. I don’t like this noise; it’s very loud and high voices.

Tim told my mistress that I have to be careful with the coyotes. They would hide in the bush and one of them would come out and try to convince me to follow. In the bushes the pack would try to kill me.
I heard it when he told my mistress. I am not that stupid to follow a coyote in the bushes - am I? I don’t think so but who knows.
I’ll better be careful when I see them.
Until now I only heard them and smelled them.

September 25, 2017 - Students from Collège Boréal visited us

Today was an exiting day again. A couple of students from Collège Boréal in Timmins and two teachers here and went canoeing with Tim. He told them some things about the voyageurs and the First Nation People.
Marc, Holly, Mikalin and Diesel were here too. Us dogs had to stay away from the students but I was able to escape while they opened the door to Tim’s house. Because I know how to behave I was allowed to stay while my humans made a balloon workshop with the students.
That was fun. I really like meeting new people and say hello to everybody. Everybody smells differently and the smell tells me stories about him or her. About 10% of my brain is for my smell, for humans this is about 1% of their brain. A dog of my size has approximately 200 billion smell cells. Isn’t that amazing?

After the students left, the others left too and it got quiet again.

September 21, 2017 - Footprints in front of the camper

This morning I felt a little better. My mistress put that essential oil on my belly again and I think this helps.

When we went out of the camper my humans found footprints of the bear in front of the camper. He must have walked by during the night. I did not hear him although I am a dog and I am supposed to take care of my humans. That must be because I was sick, otherwise I would probably have heard him.

Later that day we found his poop. It smelled interesting to me but poop never smells good.
My mistress and my master were careful when they went out during the night. They play music when they go out and carry a whistle. That’s good because there are no more wild animals out there – coyotes and wolves. Sometimes we hear them howling during the night and sometimes they are very close to the camper.
A bear is different; he tries to come into the camper if he smells food.

September 20, 2017 - I am sick

This morning I did not feel good, I tried to pee but I couldn’t, it hurt so badly. I just could pee a couple of blood drops. My mistress felt that I don’t feel good and after a while she saw what was wrong. She kept me warm for the day and put some essential oil on my belly. I got thin black tea to drink and gave me food with a lot of water but I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted to sleep and rest.
My humans are worried it might get worse. They took care I am warm for the night and I was fine that night.

September 19, 2017 - We had a visitor

This morning when we went to Tim’s house we saw that the trashcans were lying on the ground and the garbage was all over the place.
My humans immediately thought this was the work of a bear and I could smell him.
I wanted to stay out there and follow the smell but my humans won’t let me. They picked up all the garbage and put it back into the trashcan and after that we went into Tim’s house and had breakfast.

Later today Tim took the canoe and went to the little island on the lake. He wanted to clean up there. The weather was very good it was warm and sunny. Luckily my humans decided to enjoy that nice day too and they took another canoe and we went to the island too.
First the humans had lunch. My mistress made some hardboiled eggs and some sandwiches. She gave me some of her hard boiled egg. I love hardboiled eggs! My master helped Tim burning some of the wood that was all over the ground. My mistress and I went on a walk on the island. We walked the trail all to the other end of…

September 10, 2017 - I'm not myself

Silver and Sally are still in heat. Oh boy, that’s a hard life. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t think. I am sorry to say but I am not myself at the moment. All I can think of are these female dogs on the property.
My humans are not happy with the situation and they have to keep me on the leash all day long. I don’t like that at all but I think they think I am safer this way and they might be right.
I lost weight and everybody tells me I’m skinny. How can I eat while my favorite (well at least for the moment) female dogs are just a couple of feet away?
My mistress told me she hopes the females get out of heat soon and I will behave “normal” after that. I even start fighting with Diesel because I am jealous and I don’t know why.

Yesterday Josh was here with a big backhoe. He moved a little shack from one place to another. That sidetracked me a little today from following Silver and Sally.