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June 24, 2017 - Mattawa/Ontario to Two Rivers

June 24, 2017 – Mattawa/Ontario to Two Rivers Campground

This morning there was the launch of the West Wind Brigade. After breakfast the canoes were launched into the water, the Mattawa River. After that my mistress and some more drivers shuttled the cars and trailers to the campground and came back with one of the cars. I stayed with my master. The mayor of Mattawa showed up and everybody talked. After the drivers returned they took some pictures and gave some Tabbaco to the river they went into the canoes. The paddlers took the mayor with them and paddled a circle to bring him back. The paddlers were all dressed up in historic costumes. After the mayor returned from the canoe the paddlers changed and went off to Two Rivers.

My humans had two more cars to move. But first they went to visit the Mattawa museum. They told me this is a great museum, which shows the history of the First Nation and the Canadians.

We went to the campground in Two Rivers and sat on the pier and waited for …

June 23, 2017 - Pancake Bay to Mattawa/Ontario via North Bay

June 23, 2017 – Pancake Bay to Mattawa/Ontario via North Bay

We got up early again, it seems like this becomes a habit. The humans went back into the car and got breakfast on the way. I don’t like to be in the car again, I would like to run in the forest and “read my newspaper” by sniffing around. Unfortunately I have to go in the car because I would like to stay with my humans.

My humans told me that this is the last day on the road. They tried to find a room to stay for the night but so far they were not successful and as no money was coming in we ran out of money. Busking in the rain is not working. I trust my people; they always find a solution for problems.

On the road the humans listened to audio books, the first one was about Little Big Horn and what the Lakota, one of the Indian tribes, have to say about this. The second one was about the Churchill theory. I did not understand what this was all about but they were quiet most of the time and I could sleep.

In the early aftern…

June 22, 2017 - Dryden to Pancake Bay in Batchwana Bay

June 22, 2017 – Dryden to Pancake Bay in Batchwana Bay

In the morning the humans got up early again. To be honest – I don’t like this. I need my sleep. The humans went to get breakfast and I had to wait in the car.

It was another long day in the car and somehow I would like this to stop because it is boring for me.
We saw more animals today: a bear and two moose.

For lunch we stopped and I saw a nice dog when we got out of the car. She was an Irish wolfhound and she had a puppy with her. She was so beautiful and smelled so good.

After the humans had lunch we went on the road again and headed Lake Superior. That is a really big lake. Brooke told us that it is the biggest lake in the world, although the Russians think Lake Baikal is the biggest one.

It was already dark when we got to the campground at Pancake Bay and I was very hungry.
The voyageurs landed at Pancake Bay as the canoed across Lake Superior in the 1700’s and 1800’s. The name Pancake Bay is derived from folk stories t…

June 21, 2017 Regina/Saskatchewan - Dryden/Ontario

June 21, 2017 Regina/Saskatchewan – Dryden/Ontario

We went up again early and my humans had a very good breakfast as Dale needed to clean out the refrigerator.
They refueled the truck and off we went.
I was still tired although I slept very well in this comfy room.
They told me they would like to go to Thunder Bay today. The weather wasn’t really nice but it wasn’t raining when we left.
Again we saw a lot of animals: deer and bears.
As Dale was in the car now, sitting on the front passenger seat my mistress sat in the back with my master and me. I did not have as much room as I had before but I could stay close to my mistress.

We drove another 1000 km again. This is a long time for me.
During the afternoon it started to rain, heavy rain with thunder and lightning. In the evening we came closer to Dryden we were short on gas. This is what my humans told me. They said we just made it in time to the gas station.
In Dryden my humans, Brooke and Dale left the car and went into somethin…

June 20, 2017 - Glacier National Park - Lake Louise - Regina/Saskatchewan

June 20, 2017 Glacier National Park - Lake Louise - Regina/Saskatchewan

The next morning we got up very early. We had to be in Regina/Saskatchewan in the evening where we would pick up Dale. Dale will be in the canoe with Brook. It was still foggy outside. You can see it on the pictures.
Who would have ever thought I would sleep in a tent in the Rocky Mountains? Isn’t this amazing?

First Brooke wanted to show us a waterfall in the Glacier National Park but unfortunately the road was closed. Instead we could see the entrance and exit of the spiral train track. The train goes into a tunnel in the mountains and it is in a spiral, so if the train is very long you could see the beginning and the end outside of the tunnel while the rest of the train is in the tunnel.

After that we went to Lake Louise. Humans must eat several times a day. I would like to do so too but I only get food once a day.
At Lake Louise my humans and Brooke had breakfast, no that’s not correct. They purchased their b…

June 19, 2017 - Vancouver to Glacier National Park (Monarch Campground)

June 19, 2017 Vancouver - Glacier National Park (Monarch Campground)

We had to get up early again as Brooke wanted to pick us up early in the morning. At least early for me as 9 am is not my usual time to be awake.

My humans packed their stuff, showered and had breakfast. Brooke got stuck in traffic therefore she arrived a little later. My humans took everything to her car and we put some of our stuff in the canoe and some in the truck. My mistress sat in the front next to Brooke and I had most of the back seat. I need a lot of room in the car when I can get it. Yes, I could sit in the front between the passengers feet but I do prefer to have more room and I take care I get enough room by pushing my humans aside or climbing on them.

Off we went through the crazy traffic of Vancouver. We took Highway 1, the Trans Canada Route. After we got out of Vancouver it started to look very nice outside.
We passed Abbotsford and Chilliwack. In Hope we had to decide which way we would take on our…