June 23, 2017 - Pancake Bay to Mattawa/Ontario via North Bay

June 23, 2017 – Pancake Bay to Mattawa/Ontario via North Bay

We got up early again, it seems like this becomes a habit. The humans went back into the car and got breakfast on the way. I don’t like to be in the car again, I would like to run in the forest and “read my newspaper” by sniffing around. Unfortunately I have to go in the car because I would like to stay with my humans.

My humans told me that this is the last day on the road. They tried to find a room to stay for the night but so far they were not successful and as no money was coming in we ran out of money. Busking in the rain is not working. I trust my people; they always find a solution for problems.

On the road the humans listened to audio books, the first one was about Little Big Horn and what the Lakota, one of the Indian tribes, have to say about this. The second one was about the Churchill theory. I did not understand what this was all about but they were quiet most of the time and I could sleep.

In the early afternoon we stopped in North Bay and my humans tried to find a place with free Wi-Fi to look for a place to stay. Unfortunately we could not find anything or the people on Airbnb or couch surfing did not reply. Brooke and Dale told us before they would not leave before we would find a place to stay for the night. There was still no money although my humans said they sold software. My mistress was really upset and sad. She can’t handle that kind of stress very well anymore and this is one of the reasons they have me. They say I am good for her as I sense she’s sad before she even notices.

Brooke and Dale went over to my humans to talk to them and they offered them to either pay for the campground for the night or taking them to the event they are going to and ask if they can help there.
Isn’t that awesome? How many people would do that? My humans decided to go with them, as they would like to rather “work” for being helped than just get help with money. Of course my humans would have paid back every penny. My mistress was overwhelmed and my master too.

Let me explain what event they went to was. Brooke and Dale are paddlers and we had that big canoe on the trailer. As this is the 150th anniversary of Canada Day, 4 groups of voyagers paddle into Ottawa/Ontario. There is a west wind brigade (this is the brigade they belong to), a north wind brigade, an east wind brigade and a south wind brigade. They paddle into Ottawa from all these directions.
The west wind brigade is two canoes and 18 paddlers. The paddlers have cars and these cars need to be moved from the point the canoes launch into the water to the point where the paddles go out of the water.

After my humans decided to go with Brooke and Dale we went to Mattawa/Ontario. Mattawa is a nice little town on the Ottawa River. When we arrived most of the paddlers were already there and we met all of them. Joyce, one of the organizers, told us that they really could need us as drivers and as two paddlers canceled the trip everything was already set up accommodation and food wise. I can’t tell you how relieved my humans were when they heard that. Now they were part of the west wind brigade (well, at least a little bit) and they had a place to stay and did not need to worry.
My humans had great dinner with the paddlers and the tent was set up on a stage that belongs to the museum in Wattawa, this way we stayed dry even if it would rain.

The west wind brigade: Brooke, Dale, Alan, Joyce, Donna, Walter, Brenda, Paul, Myra, David, Dwight, Tim, Marc, Marc and Nic.
They are so nice and like me. They seem to like my humans too.

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