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Brrrrrrrr, it’s cold - December 21, 2017

The last couple of days were very, very cold. My mistress told me that the temperatures drop to -38°C during the night and the chill winds feel even colder.
Despite that my mistress takes me for our daily walk.
The first couple of minutes feel cold and hurt a little bit. When this happens I stop running around and lift the foot that hurts. Sometimes more than one foot hurts and I must look really stupid trying to lift up more than one or two feet at a time. It makes my mistress laugh. Every time one of my feet hurts she comes over to me and rubs my foot and after that I can continue running around.
Today we’ve been to the beach. It is frozen and I can run around on it. This is weird, running on water.
My fur is really thick and I’m not cold while I run around outside and even during the night I’m fine although my humans like to sleep in the cold. I roll myself together on my pillow and I’m fine.
Can you believe that, just 7 months ago I was in the desert and we had almost 40°C heat…

Bobcat? - December 15, 2017

It is cold outside and quite some snow. Despite the low temperatures and the snow my mistress goes for a walk on the property every day. Sometimes we go down to the lake and sometimes we just walk the trail on the property.
Today my mistress found some footprints in the snow and it looked like some animal unclimbed a tree and crossed the trail. She took pictures of the footprints and asked a couple of people of what animal that might been.
At first they thought it might have been a bear but the footprints aren’t big enough for a bear. Holi, a friend of my humans and me, said it was probably a bobcat that made these footprints.
A bobcat, what is this? My mistress also wasn’t sure so she looked it up and told me. A bobcat is a red lynx, a North American cat. It is about twice as big as a domestic cat.
I would love to see it, maybe if I look for it in the bushes and woods I will find it.

Stuck in Porquis Junction - December 12, 2017

Today my humans helped a friend moving. They were picked up early in the morning and took me with them, luckily as we found out later.
Our friend needs help with moving as he had a stroke a couple of years ago and can’t see very well. My mistress packed his stuff and my master and some other friends loaded the truck.
It was quite warm outside and the weather forecast said it would be a nice day, maybe some rain. During the day it started snowing real heavy.
I stayed in the apartment while they were doing their stuff. It was boring and somehow I was in the way all the time. Everybody told me to move, to get out of the way… My mistress found me a place on an armchair where I could lie down and take a nap.
Our friend had a cat, a nice red one. She was afraid of me but she liked my mistress. She left her room a couple of times to see what’s going on but was scared away as soon as she left her room as there were too many people walking around.
There were 4 other friends helping but two y…