May 3, 2020 - Sweden is different

It’s the beginning of May and there is still snow outside and it's cold.the humans still wear winter jackets. And it still snows sometimes. And in the night it doesn't get dark.
Although I love snow I think it's about time to have spring and warmer temperatures. On the other hand, that would mean the mosquitos come out and just like in Canada they do have a lot of mosquitos here.

It is weird when it doesn't get dark in the night. I mean really dark, so dark that humans can't see without a light and where you could see northern lights. By the way, did I tell you I saw northern lights? They are so beautiful! Green lights with a little bit of red and yellow moving on the dark sky.
It was very peaceful and my humans loved it too.
Now with the sun shining in the middle of the night you can't see any northern lights. Instead you hear the birds singing.
The Sami gather the reindeers to bring them up the mountains. The Sami are the Indigenous people that live he…

April 19, 2020 -Poor Forrest

Forrest and I get along very good. During the day we both nap on the bed, wait in the kennel for the humans to come back to the camper or play outside in the snow.
The humans go for walks with us and train Forrest to go on the leash and follow commands. It's easier for him because I show him how to do it.

Today Forrest had to go to the vet to get his vaccines. I couldn't come along but they told me everything about it. Forrest hadn't been in a car too many times and he loved looking out the window. When they arrived at the vet they had to wait a little bit. Forrest was scared, this was an unusual situation for him. The vet is a very nice woman from Germany. When she wanted to pet Forrest he was very shy. My humans took him to the examination room where he got his shots. Afterwards she wanted to give him a treat. Normally he Forrest gets a treat he can't wait and wants to have it immediately. Now he crawled over to the vet, very carefully. The doctor told my humans t…

March 24, 2020 - Forrest?

Remember I played with Forrest, one of the young dogs, in the kennel? The last couple of days my humans took Forrest out of the kennel on a leash and we went for a walk. We get along pretty good. I mean, he is a little crazy sometimes and he does that jumping thing. I will ask my mistress to make a video of that because it is hard to describe. He stands on his behind legs and jumps up, quite high. My mistress told me that’s a Husky thing. One time he somehow screwed up and fell backwards. Good thing the snow is soft and he didn't hurt himself.
But here is the big news: I’ve got a buddy now. Forrest will live with my humans and me! I am not quite sure if I really like that idea. I was the number one and got all the attention from my humans. Now I have to share that. On the other hand it's fun to have a buddy and not be alone. We do cuddle and have discussions but that's ok for me. He doesn't want to have my food and when we get a treat we get it equally. I show him ho…

March 15, 2020 - Always follow the Golden Rule

Nothing much happens out here, same routine every day. I still love playing in the snow and don't get tired of taking a snow bath. My mistress said that my für is so soft now and smells so fresh.
A couple of days ago some of the dogs got into a fight and my master wanted to separate them. But he did not follow the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is that if there is a dog fight you have to grab the behind legs and pull the dog away. Never ever try to pull on the collar. Well, my master forgot the Golden Rule and got bitten by one of the dogs. The dog didn't mean to bite him but one of the other dogs. My master’s hand was in the way though. My master had some deep bites on his hand and my mistress took him to the ER.
The doctor decided to put just one stitch on either side of one of wound and no stitches on the other bite wounds. She said that this way the bacteria could get out of the wound best.
Of course I wasn't in the ER with my humans but they told me. The hand was ver…

February 25, 2020 - My humans got a special treat today

This morning my humans and the other humans left early. They took most of the dogs with them in the trailer as well as the dog sleds.
I stayed in the camper waiting for them to come back. It was a long, long wait or at lest it felt like it. I had water and food and could nap on the bed.
When they returned my humans were exhausted and cold. They had spent about 6 hours outside with a temperature of -20C. But it was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.
My humans told me that they got a special treat - they had a tour on the dog sled. They told me that this was an incredible experience, sitting on the sled being pulled by 12 dogs and feeling the power these dogs have. The dogs love to run, they are born for this. Let me clarify, most of them are born for this, some are not.
Luckily I am not a Husky and nobody expects me to pull a sled with humans on it.

There are two lead dogs in the front. They follow the commands of the musher. Musher is the name for the person that's in co…

February 13, 2020 -I love to play with my friends

Over the weekends most of the dogs and humans are in Piteå where the dogsled tours take place. For me that means I can visit some of my friends in the kennels.
One of my friends is Aspen. He is too old to run and honestly, I think he might be a little too fat. Most of the time Aspen is chilled. He sleeps most of the day just like I am. When he is all by himself because his buddies are working I sneak in and we play in his kennel. Playing with Aspen is fun but sometimes one of us gets overwhelmed and my mistress takes me out of the kennel. I am not too much into rough playing, well at least I am not any more. Back in the days when I was younger, but that's a different story.

Besides Aspen there is Holden and Forrest. Holden is quite new here and hasn't found his place yet and Forrest is 10 months old. I played with him and his siblings when we were here last autumn. Most of his siblings are having a high energy level, let's describe it this way. They run and play without …