February 8, 2019 – We made it!

Today we did not have to drive that far, so my humans slept a little longer. My humans had breakfast in the hotel and we left right after they were finished.
It started to look like Nevada already although we still were in Arizona. I got excited and looked forward to finally arrive and be able to run around in Ken’s backyard. Little did I know.

Shortly before we approached Las Vegas we passed Lake Mead and my humans stopped for a couple of minutes to have a better look at Lake Mead. They thought of visiting Hoover Damn but they decided that they would do that another time.

When we arrived in Pahrump and my humans just stopped at Albertsons to get something to eat and drink and went to the DMV to register the car. At the DMV they talked to Holly again. Remember, she was that nice lady that registered the old car. Unfortunately she told my humans that there were forms missing to register the car. The papers should have been given to my humans at the border control. But the officer at …

February 7, 2019 – What a windy day

My humans got up very early today. We’ve been on the road at 7 am. Are they completely nuts? I do need my sleep and I hate getting up early. At least I could sleep in the car, although it was really shaky.

It was still dark when we left the hotel but it wasn’t raining, just very chilly. Later the sun came out and it was a nice day. Well, it would have been if it hadn't been so windy.
We left the state of Texas just a few hours after we left the hotel. Now we were in New Mexico and by crossing the state line we also had a change of the time zone.
In New Mexico the wind got stronger while we drove uphill for quite a while. Our car had a hard time driving up the hill with all the wind. But our car wasn’t the only one. There were trucks pulling trailers and the trailers went from left to right and right to left.
When we stopped at a gas station my mistress was told that this was a calm day. They always have that much wind. The elevation was around 7,000 ft. / 2.100 m and the land …

February 6, 2019 – Driving through Oklahoma and see nothing of the state

This morning my humans packed the car again and we left for a long ride. We still had to drive 1500 miles / 2400 km in 3 days. When we left Fort Worth the clouds were low and no sun was shining. As soon as we came to Oklahoma we had fog and could not see anything of the state. We did not know if there were fields or mountains to the left or the right.
When we approached the Chickasaw Tourist Information my humans stopped. In most of the states you can find Tourist Information for the state shortly after crossing the border between the states. Usually they have maps and brochures of the state. In Oklahoma there was no such Tourist Information so my humans decided go to this one.
Julia who works there greeted us. It was a very nice Tourist Information and they sold original things made by the Chickasaw. The Chickasaws are one of the Native tribes in Oklahoma. My humans purchased some coffee mugs and had a coffee break.
Next to the Tourist Information is a chocolate factory called Bed…

February 5, 2019 – Longhorns and German dialects

We stayed in Fort Worth for another day. My humans wanted to go to the Stockyards in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Stockyards is a historic district. It holds a former livestock market.
In the late 1800s the cattle were trailed along the Chisholm Trail to the railheads. Fort Worth was the last stop to get rest and supplies.
Between 1866 and 1890 drovers trailed more than 4 million cattle through Fort Worth.
In 1876 the railroad arrived in Fort Worth and became a major shipping point for livestock.
You can read more about the Fort Worth Stockyards here:

We arrived early when there weren’t many people. My humans wanted to be on time for the Cattle Drive. First we visited the area where the cattle, hogs and sheep were kept and were trailed in the railroad. That was very interesting. They have a cowboy church but as it wasn’t Sunday there was no service. While we were waiting for the Cattle Drive to start some cows passed us. Well, not that kind of c…

February 4, 2019 – Arriving in Fort Worth, Texas

This morning we left Brinkley in Arkansas. After we were on the road for a while my humans saw two dogs running next to the freeway, a beagle followed by a black dog. . Now comes the strange thing, about 150 km further my humans again saw two dogs running next to the freeway – a beagle and a black dog. The only difference was the black dog had a white spot on his chest this time. Isn’t that completely crazy?

Around lunchtime we drove the state border to Texas. My humans were hungry and stopped at a McDonalds to have a burger. Can you imagine, they even ordered meat without anything else for me? It was so good, I think I could get used to it.
In the afternoon we arrived in Fort Worth. They told me we would stay at Peter’s cousins house for the night and the next day. Ortrud, Peter’s cousin is a very nice person and so are her grandchildren and daughter. I think the children liked me. The little one smelled so good, I just HAD to kiss her.

Let me tell you a little bit about Arkansas. …

February 3, 2019 - Thee states in one day

Yesterday we went from Dunkirk, NY to Walton, KY. Because we have to stop every 200 km to fill up the tank we loosetime.
Today my humans got up very, very early. Way too early for me anyways. We've been on the road for 10 hours and I am done with sitting in the car for today. They told me that we have to be inPahrump by February 8 because that transfer permission is only valid for 10 days. We lost time because of the break down of the car.
The humans had some snacks on the way and a meal at KFC. I did not get anything today, only dog food at the Motel in Brinkley, AR tonight. That's not fair! Hereby I officially file a complaint - I don't want dog food, I demand to have human food!
We went through Kentucky, drove through Tennessee and stay for the night in Arkansas.
Now I am tired and will go to sleep. I promise to write a little bit more about what we've seen and where we were. The good thing is, it's warm here, 21C/70F. Of course there is no snow any more. Isn…