August 17, 2018 – Cats?!

Today Joyce arrived. She is part of the Brigade and responsible of all that medical stuff. But she did not come on her own; she brought her cats with her.
Well, I know what a cat is as Bandit the cat lives in the house of our friend Ken in Nevada. Bandit wasn’t to keen on dogs and he chased me around in the backyard a couple of times, hissing at me and trying to scratch me with his nails.
And now two of them? I am not really don’t know if the cats will be happy with all the dogs around. Sally and Silver have never seen a cat in their life and they do not know how dangerous they can be. I need to warn them. On the other hand Silver and Sally chase chipmunks, mice, rabbits and whatever is on the property. They might even chase a coyote or a bear I am just not sure if they would survive that.
Nevertheless I have to warn them about cats in general. These two might be friendly, especially as one of them only has three legs. I need to find out more about them soon. Maybe I’ll get the chan…

August 16, 2018 – Moose liver

Yesterday Tim had to empty his freezer because the fish for the Pickerel Fry on the arrival day of the True North Voyageur Brigade needs to be picked up and put in the freezer.
He had a moose liver in his freezer and my master wanted to try that and he said he would take care of it and cook it along with onions and apples. My mistress is not very keen on things like that. Me personally, I think it smelled very good when it was raw.
The liver was a huge piece of meat, well yeah, a moose is big. Do you want to hear the story of that liver? I will tell you anyways. Tim was in a car with a friend heading towards Timmins and they could see that obviously somebody hit a moose. But all that was left was the liver. Tim made his friend stop the car and Tim grabbed a plastic bag and took the liver. At home he cleaned it and froze it. So now my master is cooking it. He and some more people had it for dinner and they said it tasted very good. Did I tell you it was a huge piece of meat? Too bad …

August 11, 2018 – Cochrane Summerfest

Today my humans loaded the van and we went to Cochrane. Holli accompanied us.
I told you my humans are part of that True North Voyageur Brigade and they wanted to promote this at the Summerfest in Cochrane. They also wanted to make balloons.
They all had this bright orange brigade t-shirt on. I personally think they look like buoys.
Our van had some issues this morning. It has been raining and as our van is used to the desert it is not used to that much rain and humidity. The van just stopped running a couple of times, the engine stopped. At the gas station my master found out what the reason for that was. There was water sitting on the battery and every time we went over a bump (oh there is plenty of bumps on the streets here) there was a short and the engine turned off and would not start again. After my master fixed this, the van was fine and we made it to Cochrane. There was no time for breakfast before we left and my mistress gets grumpy if she does not get at least a cup of h…

August 10, 2018 – I am completely stressed out

I need to apologize for not blogging for a long time. These dogs Sally and Silver, they have been in heat again and I just could not think straight. This time I had not only to deal with Sally and Silver but I had to make sure Diesel and Snoop Dog stayed away from them. Ice Cube is not old enough yet.
Oh man, I tell you, that really was a lot to take care of. Also I had to try to escape from my humans to do all this. They kept me on the leash most of the time because Tim doesn’t want little puppies.
Puppies with Silver and/or Sally would look so cute, I am sure. But it looks like that’s not going to happen because I missed it this time.
There might be puppies with Silver or Sally and Diesel as he was after them all the time.

Yes and than there is Lady. Lady is Leonce’s new dog. She is only three month old and loves playing with me. The thing is, she is young and has a lot of energy. She is jumping around me all the time, trying to play with me and she is pinching me. Did you ever f…

Do they want to arrest me?

I kept this a secret for a while but I think I need to tell you about this incident. It happened in summer 2017 while we were at our friend’s house in Pahrump, NV.
My humans took me for a walk in the evening this day and as usual we walked around the block.
A couple of days before some new neighbors moved into the house across the street. With them their two dogs moved in, a small one and a big one. The property does not have a fence and the dogs where not tied to a leash or in a kennel. As far as I could see they stayed on the property. I don’t know how they knew where the property ended but I think their humans might have told them.

Everything was fine until we were almost home. The women of the property next to our friend’s house talked to my humans for a couple of minutes. While they did that I was on the leash and waited patiently.
The dogs of that new neighbor left the property and came across the street to say hi to me.
While I am on the leash I can’t use my full body langu…

July 18, 2018 – Some people do like our van

I am sure you have seen pictures of our van. That nice white van with the rainbow on the sides. Tim does not really like it because of the rainbow colors but my humans like it very much as the colors match the colors of their company logo by coincidence.
Today my humans decided to go to Timmins to do groceries. First stop was the gas station in Dubiens. There is no self-service at the gas stations here but someone puts the gas in the tank for you. This is very convenient in the winter when you pay cash as you don’t have to leave the car.
This guy had a neon yellow hoody on and when we arrived with the van his eyes got bigger and bigger and he said “I love this, I just love this van!”.
Later when we drove through Timmins a couple of people showed us a thumb up when the drove by or stood next to us on a red light.
My humans plan on putting stickers on the van, flowers, balloons and even a picture of me. Wow, I must really be famous if they put a picture of me on the van. I wonder ho…