September 16, 2018 – Salmon, hundreds of them looking for the fish ladder

My humans had to do some groceries in town. Unluckily our van did not start, something is wrong with it. My master has to check that. Joyce offered us to take her car to go into town. That’s very friendly – Thank you Joyce!

After they did the groceries my mistress wanted to show that dam and all the salmons to my master and me.
There were a lot of people there but we found a good spot to see the fish.

In front of the dam were hundreds of salmons swimming around. They have to find the fish ladder on the far left side of the dam to continue their journey. They can’t see it in the water and many of them jump where there is no fish ladder. This must hurt them and I am sure they are insured too.
A couple of them found the ladder and I was so happy they made it.
Can’t humans do something about this and make it easier for the fish to migrate? They could just build a detour or something for the fish, there must be something they could do. These dams are men build and salmons or other fi…

September 15, 2018 – Hermi and her dream

Joyce told my humans and me a lot about Hermi, a friend of hers. Hermi’s right name is Hermine and she originally is from Austria.
Finally we were about to visit Hermi in her little house.

When we arrived at Hermi’s house she came out to greet us. She talked in German to my humans and me. Her German is just perfect, even after living in Canada for more than 60 years. She is such a nice and gentle person. I liked her from the moment I saw her.

She told the story about her house, you have to hear that, it’s amazing. After Hermi migrated to Canada with her late husband they lived in an apartment in Toronto (as far as I remember). They wanted to have a cottage in the country to spend the weekends and holidays. So they contacted a realtor to show them some nice cottages. Meanwhile Hermi had a dream for three nights. In her dream she saw an old cottage, greyish with a crooked driveway, red and white checked curtains and some more details. Her dream was very detailed.
So one day her husban…

September 13, 2018 – my mistress had a crazy walk through Port Hope

This morning my mistress decided to experience Port Hope and do some groceries. I could not go with my mistress because she wanted to do groceries and I was very tired and preferred to take a long nap. When she came back she told me everything that happened.
As Joyce had to go into town anyways she took my mistress and dropped her off at the mall. She wanted to pick up my mistress about an hour later. My mistress went to Bulk Barn for the first time and was amazed of what you could get there. After that she wanted to do groceries. At the mall was “Independent” but she remembered they had some interesting offers at “Metro”. She couldn’t remember where exactly Metro was so she asked someone on the parking lot. That very nice lady told her how to go there and said it’s about a 20 minutes walk. My mistress had plenty of time left till Joyce wanted to pick her up. Her plan was to go to Metro and send Joyce a text message that she would be at Metro and not at the mall.
She started walking…

September 9, 2018 – Salmon fishers, US flags in Canada and Fire truck

Today Joyce took us to Port Hope and Cobourg to show us the surrounding. We drove through Port Hope and went on to Cobourg where she parked the car.
Joyce found out a couple of days earlier that there would be a “Community Appreciation Day” on this day and she wanted to go there and thought it might be a good idea for my humans to meet some people that might be good to know for their balloon business.

But first we went to the river where the salmons were on their way upriver and fishermen tried to catch them. When we got out of the car I could smell old dead fish and in the sky you could see the vultures circle. When we were closer to the river we could see the salmon swim upriver and jump the steps. That must be hard for this fish as the river is strong. Joyce told us that further uphill there is a dam and in that dam is just one little hole on the side where the salmon can pass. Some fishermen caught a salmon and killed it and let it go again or let it go right away. What is this …

September 8, 2018 – Port Hope, that’s where the cats are

After my humans got up and had a shower and felt like civilized people again (that’s what they said) my mistress took me for a walk to the beach. I could at least try to catch the ducks but of course I did not get them. It was fun running on the beach and just sniff around and enjoy the sun.
My mistress was in a very good mood and she enjoyed being at the beach too.
The lake is called Lake Nipissing and it is quite big.

When we got back to Dwight’s house he and Marie were preparing breakfast. That smelled so good and I would have loved to get something. They talked and talked and talked. I tried to get their attention by annoying them but it did not work.
After they finished my humans packed the stuff they took out of the van for the night. Dwight gave me some tuna as Marie opened a can the other day to feed that little skinny cat that was coming to their house a couple of times. Oh that was so good. My mistress needs to feed me that once in a while.

We took off in our van a litt…

September 7, 2018 – On the road to Port Hope

The last couple of days my humans were busy finishing some work for their business and yesterday they started packing our stuff. They told me that we would leave Tim and go to Joyce’s place to stay there for a while. I don’t know where Port Hope is. All I know is that it takes about 9 hours to go there with a normal car and a little longer with our van.

My humans packed almost everything in the van yesterday and I made sure they would not leave without me. How did I do that? I simply sat in the car and did not move. In the evening they went into the camper and shut the van for the night and I finally had to leave the van. But as they were outside the van and went into the camper I thought it would be save.

Tim was on the beach until after it got dark and they did not really have a chance to talk to him. He showed up at the camper for a couple of minutes to ask something and went off to his house.

In the morning my humans got up early and packed up the rest of our things and loaded …