October 10, 2019 - SNOW!

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and now we do have a little snow. It’s not much; not enough for a dog sled but even a little snow is great for me. I like rolling in the snow.
Snow also means it’s cold and there is no mud in the kennels any more or anywhere else.

My humans will make a new website for Marianne and Wolf and therefore my mistress took pictures of every single dog today. Of course the dogs did not pose, they tried to cuddle and play while my master cleaned the kennel and my mistress tried to take pictures. Meanwhile I had to stay in the camper. I had to stay there for the last couple of days because I tried to jump Stella, she is in heat and I would love to have some kids myself. From the camper I could see my humans and hear them.

This afternoon my master was on the training wagon for the first time. For the first time he experienced the strength of the 12 dogs when they pull the wagon. They are not in training yet as Wolf only started the training after we arrive…

October 5, 2019 - My humans are busy

Meanwhile we moved from the house into a camper. The camper is big and has a shower, toilet and kitchen and is very warm inside. I am allowed to sleep on the bed with my humans.
My humans get all the meals in the house while I have my food either with the other dogs or in the camper.

After breakfast my mistress cleans all the kennels, gives the dogs fresh water and cuddles all of them. They all enjoy that very much just as I do. Luckily I still get more attention from my mistress than all the other dogs and I am the only one that is allowed in my human’s bed.

My master helps building stuff. This afternoon my humans and Wolf built a roof for a little room next to the kennels where all the harnesses and dog bowls are stored. It took them a while to do that.
Sometimes there is other stuff my humans help with, like installing lamps on the outside of the house, feed the dogs and help putting on the harnesses and tie them to the training cart.
Whatever Wolf and Marianne need help with my…

October 1, 2019 - HELP, these puppies are eating me alive!

October 1, 2019 - HELP, these puppies are eating me alive!

Today my humans made me join the puppies in their kennel. I walked in there and suddenly the five puppies were all over me, pinching me everywhere. I had to tell them to stop but they did not listen. I even had to growl to make them stop but they did not listen. After I stayed in there for a while they lost interest in me, stopped and played together. Laponia was in the kennel too and she helped me calming them down.
Although I tried to stop them I had pinch marks everywhere.

There is one kennel where the females in heat are kept. Stella is in there during the day too. These females drive us boys nuts. Costa is in the kennel right next to them and he is out of his mind about the females. He does not like me being near his kennel and he tells me that in a very convincing way. I like teasing him but only because I know there is a fence between us. I am not sure what he would do to me if he could get ahold of me and I don’t real…

September 29, 2019 - First ride with a dog wagon

September 29, 2019 - First ride with a dog wagon

Yesterday we met Marianne for the first time. She gave us a very warm welcome and in the evening the humans had Cheese Fondue outside at the campfire.

Let me tell you a little bit about the two people we will stay with for a while. Wolf, this is not his official name, is a dog trainer along other professions.
Marianne has different professions too. Both of them are very kind people and very friendly.

All the dogs here are Huskies. There are different kinds of Huskies: Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Husky and others.
Originally indigenous peoples kept Huskies. Husky is a general name for a sled-type of dog. They are very energetic and athletic.
There are different kinds of sleds for dog sleds. Here on the farm the dogs pull side by side in pairs. “There are leader dogs, point dogs, swing dogs, and wheel dogs. The lead dog is crucial, so mushers take particular care of these dogs”. (

September 27, 2019 - Arrival in Arvidsjaur and meeting the packs

Shortly after 4 am we arrived in Jörn, where we disembarked the train and waited for our taxi. There were several taxis to different locations. Two other people were going to Arvidsjaur, so we shared the ride. My humans were very tired; they hadn’t slept for almost 48 hours. Me on the other hand, I had some good naps during our travels and I wasn’t that tired. Of course 4 am in the morning is not my time to get up and I felt I could easily take another nap. We did not have to wait long when Wolf arrived to pick us up. It was dark and we couldn’t see much of the landscape, to be honest, we didn’t see anything, it was pitch black.

The house where Wolf and Marianne lived was very nice and we were greeted by Alaska, Stella and Malek. These are the dogs that live in the house. Alaska is 12 years old and she is the queen of the house.
My humans had an early breakfast and all humans went back to bed to catch some more sleep. We were supposed to stay in a camper but it wasn’t entirely ready…

September 25, 2019 - Leaving for Swedish Lapland - Adventures with Deutsche Bahn and TT Lines

Yesterday my humans packed suitcases and cleaned the small house after removing all our stuff. They told me we would leave to Swedish Lapland the next day. Swedish Lapland, what does that mean now, what are we supposed to do there?

We stayed for the night at my master’s mom’s house. She was in the hospital because she wasn’t feeling too good since after the flea market.

Today we went up very early again. Looks like this becomes a habit I will not get used to. We took the train from Frankfurt am Main main station to Rostock, via Hamburg. The train left Frankfurt main station at 5:50 am. My humans had reserved seats on the train to Hamburg. The train wasn’t very crowded and I had enough space to sleep quite comfortable.
Shortly before we passed Kassel there was an announcement that the train would have to make a detour from Kassel to Hannover as the entire area between Kassel and Eutze was closed to train traffic because the police was looking for a suspect that had probably killed a w…