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September 7, 2017 – A hard time for an unfixed male dog

After we came back from the Kayak Challenge in Timmins I found out that Silver, one of Tim’s dogs is in heat. A couple of days later, Sally, Silver’s mum, was in heat too.
Well, I am an unfixed male dog and you can imagine being around two female dogs in heat is quite a challenge. Size wise they are way smaller than I am so having puppies with me would be bad for both of them.
Normally if there are female dogs in heat the unfixed male dogs follow them wherever they can, stand in front of their house and wait for them and just get crazy.
I am different, I don’t know why, but dealing with both of them is just more than I can handle. They come to me all the time, let me smell them and invite me but I really try hard to ignore them. My humans command me to leave them alone and they watch me all the time.
In the mornings both, Silver and Sally, wait outside our trailer and whine for me to come out.
Last weekend my friend Diesel was here, another male dog around with these females in h…