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Another dog in the house

You already know Silver and Sally live in the house with Tim. I get along with them and sometimes I play with Silver outside. Of course they are jealous sometimes and I'm ok with that and step back. When my mistress or my master pet either one of them I am jealous too but I don't growl I just go next to them and my master or mistress pet me too.

A couple of days ago Mitch moved in the house too for a few days as he was looking for a new apartment. He brought his dog Cuda (from Barracuda) with him. She is a Pit bull female, only 1 year old. To be honest, I don't like her at all. She is so hyper and does not speak dog language. She comes after me all the time although I tell her no. But she just does not understand what I tell her. Well, maybe she's stubborn too. Even if I growl at her she does not back up.
Meanwhile Mitch found a new apartment but the last four days she stayed at Tim's house while Mitch was working. My mistress and my master know I don't like …

November 9, 2017 – More snow

It’s been snowing since yesterday and there is about 7.5 inches of snow out there now and it is still snowing.
This morning I went on a walk with my mistress. We went to the beach and figured that the lake starts to freeze.
It was so much fun running around in the snow. I don’t know why that is the case but I really enjoy snow.

I also love eating snow while I am running. Crazy isn’t it?

Sally and Silver don’t like the snow as much as I do. They rather stay inside and just go out for a pee.

It feels so good to come back inside and warm up and get a hug from my mistress.
I do have a great life. I know not all dogs are as happy as I am. There are dogs out there that don’t have humans that take care of them or homes where they live.

November 1, 2017 – Hibernation

I heard my humans talking about hibernation. They said bears hibernate which means they sleep during the entire winter. Wow, that sounds great to me. Sleeping is my main hobby and I am really good at this.
But – wait a minute. That means they are not eating the whole time. No way I could stand that. I love eating.

My mistress told me more about hibernation. Not only bears hibernate but chipmunks and hedgehogs hibernate too. Bears even give birth to their cups while they hibernate.
On a second thought I think I don’t like hibernation. I prefer being a dog and am able to survive without hibernation. Cuddling with my humans, playing in the snow and having nice food is way better than sleeping in a cave for a couple of months.

October 22, 2017 - Moving out of the camper

It is getting colder now and in the night it is below 0° Celsius now. My humans prepared the room in the basement of Tim’s house and it is ready to move in. We had heavy rain the last two days and it is getting really muddy out there. Also when it is to wet on the ground the extension cord kicks in the breaker and we don’t have power in the camper any more. Not that my humans have much they would need electricity for, just for charging their iPhones and iPad.

So my humans decided to move into the house. It’s warm in the basement and we have plenty of room.
The paddle room is getting to cold too to work in there and it takes too much wood to heat it up, as it is not insolated.
They started to work in Tim’s house in the kitchen. It’s not that could that they have to heat the house with the wood stove yet.

I stay in the house most of the time, as it is too wet out there. Remember, I don’t like water ;-) I’m fine with going into the water now but I still don’t like rain.
I’m changing …

October 15, 2017 - Snow!

Today it snowed for the first time. I love snow and haven't seen any for more than 2 years now. Snow is fun, you can rund around and eat it while you are running. It's cold though but that's ok if you can rest in a warm house afterwards. My humans lit a fire in the paddle room and after running in the snow I could rest on the couch and dry my fur.

I get so excited when I see snow. My humans told me there will be a lot of snow here. Great - I love this! They also said it will get very cold here. I do have pretty thick fur, I think I will be alright with that. My poor humans, they don't have fur and as far as I know they don't have thick winter coats. They better get one for themselves soon.

Snow also means that we can't go on the canoe any more. Too bad, I really enjoyed the canoe rides.

There are a lot of trees on Tim's property. There's white pine, white cedar, birch, aspen, tamarack and much more. Tim told us that he helped building a birch bark cano…

October 14, 2017 - The bear is still around

The bear is still around here, my mistress found footprints in front of the camper again. My humans said they would like to see the bear from the distance but it keeps hiding. I am not sure if I would like to meet him. By smelling his poop I can tell he is quite big and wild. I’d rather not meet him and so I mark my territory even more than before. Maybe that keeps the bear away.
I wonder where he lives anyway. Do bears live in a house or in a cave? What do they eat?

My mistress did a little research for this. Black bears eat mostly vegetables, berries, nuts and roots. They also eat ants, bees and sometimes moose calves. Chipmunks, squirrels and groundhogs belong to their menu too. They sleep in caves, earth pits or hollow tree trunks.
Did you know a male black bear weighs between 50 and 400 kg?
Their biggest enemies beside the humans are Grizzlies, coyotes, wolves and cougars.

The leaves are falling and the bush is starting to clear up. Now I can run in the bush and experience t…