June 21, 2017 Regina/Saskatchewan - Dryden/Ontario

June 21, 2017 Regina/Saskatchewan – Dryden/Ontario

We went up again early and my humans had a very good breakfast as Dale needed to clean out the refrigerator.
They refueled the truck and off we went.
I was still tired although I slept very well in this comfy room.
They told me they would like to go to Thunder Bay today. The weather wasn’t really nice but it wasn’t raining when we left.
Again we saw a lot of animals: deer and bears.
As Dale was in the car now, sitting on the front passenger seat my mistress sat in the back with my master and me. I did not have as much room as I had before but I could stay close to my mistress.

We drove another 1000 km again. This is a long time for me.
During the afternoon it started to rain, heavy rain with thunder and lightning. In the evening we came closer to Dryden we were short on gas. This is what my humans told me. They said we just made it in time to the gas station.
In Dryden my humans, Brooke and Dale left the car and went into something that’s called Tim Horton. It must be a place where you could get something to eat as they all smelled like food. I really was hungry too.

They told me they would go to a motel called Chateau Inn as it was raining too heavy to sleep in the tent. We arrived there after a couple of minutes and went into the room. It was a room with two beds and a couch. It was still raining. Finally they fed me; I need to tell them I want my food earlier. My humans told me that Dale and Brooke invited them to stay in the motel with them as we were short on money. They are very nice und supportive and my humans and I are very thankful we did not have to sleep in the rain during the thunderstorm. Dale and Brooke - we thank you so much.

The humans slept early and me too.

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