June 19, 2017 - Vancouver to Glacier National Park (Monarch Campground)

June 19, 2017 Vancouver - Glacier National Park (Monarch Campground)

We had to get up early again as Brooke wanted to pick us up early in the morning. At least early for me as 9 am is not my usual time to be awake.

My humans packed their stuff, showered and had breakfast. Brooke got stuck in traffic therefore she arrived a little later. My humans took everything to her car and we put some of our stuff in the canoe and some in the truck. My mistress sat in the front next to Brooke and I had most of the back seat. I need a lot of room in the car when I can get it. Yes, I could sit in the front between the passengers feet but I do prefer to have more room and I take care I get enough room by pushing my humans aside or climbing on them.

Off we went through the crazy traffic of Vancouver. We took Highway 1, the Trans Canada Route. After we got out of Vancouver it started to look very nice outside.
We passed Abbotsford and Chilliwack. In Hope we had to decide which way we would take on our way to Calgary. Brook choose to take the route via Roger's Pass.

After a couple of hours Brooke got tired and my mistress drove. Can you imagine that, my mistress driving a truck with a trailer that’s more than 10 m long? I trust my mistress, therefore I wasn’t frightened.

We saw a lot of animals on the way. My humans said they have seen most of them in the zoo but not in the wilderness. This is what we saw: bald eagles, deers, ground squirrels.

This was impressive! The bald eagles were sitting on a tree next to the road.

It was already evening when we came to the Glacier National Park. We made a stop at the Visitor Centre and I was allowed to go in there.
On the way we saw a lot of glaciers.

It got dark and we were tired. The humans talked a lot during the day and my mistress asked a lot of questions about Canada Day. This year Canada turns 150 years and there are a lot of celebrations Brook said. That thing she is going has was something to do with this.

We found a nice campground, in the middle of the wilderness and it was cold.
My humans and brook cooked some soup and sausages and I got my dog food and water. It was cold in the tent. Luckily my mistress saw I was cold and asked me on their air bed, where I could lay between them. It was a great night, my humans slept very well and with them around I am fine.

We drove about 1000 km today and passed the time zone from Pacific Standard Time to Mountain Standard Time.

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