June 24, 2017 - Mattawa/Ontario to Two Rivers

June 24, 2017 – Mattawa/Ontario to Two Rivers Campground

This morning there was the launch of the West Wind Brigade. After breakfast the canoes were launched into the water, the Mattawa River. After that my mistress and some more drivers shuttled the cars and trailers to the campground and came back with one of the cars. I stayed with my master. The mayor of Mattawa showed up and everybody talked. After the drivers returned they took some pictures and gave some Tabbaco to the river they went into the canoes. The paddlers took the mayor with them and paddled a circle to bring him back. The paddlers were all dressed up in historic costumes. After the mayor returned from the canoe the paddlers changed and went off to Two Rivers.

My humans had two more cars to move. But first they went to visit the Mattawa museum. They told me this is a great museum, which shows the history of the First Nation and the Canadians.

We went to the campground in Two Rivers and sat on the pier and waited for the paddlers. This was shaky but I was comfortable as they weren’t that many mosquitos there. On the campground the mosquitos were crazy, way too many. They bit me in the belly, the nose, and the ears, everywhere.

In between waiting it started to rain and my humans went in the tent. The paddlers arrived at about 5 pm and the sun was shining. Booma, one of the canoes, had to be moved to another point on the campground. The paddlers asked my mistress if she wants to paddle with them. She took the opportunity and went with them.
After the humans had dinner they asked the children on the campground if they want to paddle with one of the canoes. There were a lot of children in the canoe and my mistress went with them again. They had a lot of fun.
It got cold and dark and we went back into the tent, killed all the mosquitos and black flies and slept.

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