October 1, 2017 – Coyotes in the night

Last night the coyotes have been near the camper. I woke up because they were so loud. Even my mistress woke up. The pack was chasing something and it sounded like they were circling around the camper but I couldn’t see anything. My mistress tried to see them but she couldn’t either.
There must have been about 15-20 coyotes in the pack. I don’t like this noise; it’s very loud and high voices.

Tim told my mistress that I have to be careful with the coyotes. They would hide in the bush and one of them would come out and try to convince me to follow. In the bushes the pack would try to kill me.
I heard it when he told my mistress. I am not that stupid to follow a coyote in the bushes - am I? I don’t think so but who knows.
I’ll better be careful when I see them.
Until now I only heard them and smelled them.

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