June 30, 2017 – Arnprior to Black Rapids

June 30, 2017 – Arnprior to Black Rapids

This morning we did not have to get up that early and I could sleep in. At the park we met the Counselor of Arnprior and they took some pictures.
After this the humans went into the cars and we drove to Black Rapids. It was raining again but not as hard as before.

My humans set up their tent at the log in Black Rapids and had lunch. I could sleep in the back of the truck while they ate.
After lunch the paddlers left to meet the south wind brigade.

Marc, Marc, Nick, my humans and I took off to get some balloons as my humans wanted to make a 150 for Canada Day and put it on one of the canoes. There was a lot of traffic and it took us a long time to drive 3 km.
When we returned the paddlers were back in the camp and the one remaining canoe of the south wind brigade. They started with 14 canoes and 13 of the canoes stopped their voyage early due to the rain.

My master and my mistress started to work on the balloons and Tim started to prepare the canoe for the balloons.
Then my mistress took me to the river and there was Boona, one of the canoes of the west wind brigade. The humans put the canoe in the water and made me jump into it. I think these humans are crazy, they made me jump into the canoe and they paddled on the river with me in the canoe. I didn’t really like this and I am afraid of water.

Later they ordered Pizza. I was lying in the back of the truck and they put the Pizza right next to me. Because I am a very well behaved dog I did not even look at the Pizza but boy, was I hungry.

My humans went to bed early and I fell asleep right away.

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