August 4, 2017 - Emergency Call

August 4, 2017 – Emergency

This morning my mistress got a call from her oldest daughter via Tim’s phone. She told us that her youngest daughter is in hospital due to very heavy headache and numbness on her right side.
She already was in the emergency room in New York before but they couldn’t find anything. Now she is back in Germany.
My mistress told me that she went to the emergency room in Germany and they could not find anything either but called her later to come in because they saw something on the MRI.
My mistress was very worried and wanted to go to Germany immediately but as we are out in the bush it is not that easy. There is an airport in Timmins, which is about 60 km from where we are and to go there she would need somebody to take her there. Also the flights are very expensive.

Her oldest daughter told my mistress that the doctors don’t know yet what it is they saw on the MRI and that there is nothing right now they can do but watch her youngest daughter at the stroke unit. She promised to keep my mistress up to date and call as soon as there is any news.

The uncle emailed my mistress that if she would like to go to Germany to see her youngest daughter he would take care of the flight. My mistress and my master found that very generous and kind and my mistress said she would take the offer.

They called Marc and asked him if he could pick them up. He said he would be there the next morning and take them to Timmins so my mistress could look for a flight as there is still no Internet at Tim’s – we call it at camp. Through Tim’s mobile device they can check their emails and messages once in a while but that’s it.

I stayed close to my mistress all day long as I could feel she was not feeling good and was very sad and anxious. During the day she was very quiet and thoughtful.
My master was feeling the same way and he stayed close with my mistress too. You can see he loves her very much and cares about her.

They went to bed early and wanted to get up early the next morning to wait for Marc.

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