August 24, 2017 - Preparations

August 24, 2017

Yesterday the humans packed the trailer with a lot of stuff: benches, papers, displays, life jackets, balloons, matrasses and canoes. What is this for? They even packed my harness and my leash.

I think I better stay close to my humans to find out what’s going on and to make sure they don’t leave without me again. My mistress just came back from a journey and I don’t want her to leave again.
Tim and Marc left with the trailer and came back without the trailer a couple of hours later.

Marc and Diesel stayed at camp tonight and they said they would get up early in the morning.

My mistress and my master haven’t packed that much balloons for a long time. Maybe they have a gig somewhere? But what are the canoes for? They even picked up a big canoe from Camp Bickell this evening.

We went to bed early today and they still did not tell me what’s going on.

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