July 18, 2018 – Some people do like our van

I am sure you have seen pictures of our van. That nice white van with the rainbow on the sides. Tim does not really like it because of the rainbow colors but my humans like it very much as the colors match the colors of their company logo by coincidence.
Today my humans decided to go to Timmins to do groceries. First stop was the gas station in Dubiens. There is no self-service at the gas stations here but someone puts the gas in the tank for you. This is very convenient in the winter when you pay cash as you don’t have to leave the car.
This guy had a neon yellow hoody on and when we arrived with the van his eyes got bigger and bigger and he said “I love this, I just love this van!”.
Later when we drove through Timmins a couple of people showed us a thumb up when the drove by or stood next to us on a red light.
My humans plan on putting stickers on the van, flowers, balloons and even a picture of me. Wow, I must really be famous if they put a picture of me on the van. I wonder how that will look like.

My humans say that the van has charisma and is retro. Well yes, it’s old, made in 1988 and you might call that retro. But most important it runs well, still needs a couple of small repairs though. There is no air condition and no heater so far. They said they can’t fix the air condition but after rewiring the van we should have a heater that works.
I do have plenty of room in the van and my humans have a bed in there so it’s perfect for traveling.
I am happy with the van and so are my humans.

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