June 15, 2018 - will we be able to leave for Canada today?

My humans slept in and so did I. They knew the part from Las Vegas would not be delivered before 8 am and it would take a while to put it in and make a test drive.
After 1pm my mistress called to find out that they got stuck while they made the test drive and that they did not put the fuel pump in to save my humans money.
Now they had to wait till the truck was towed back. They sent the fuel pump back as they were positive they would not need it.

Well, all this wasn't too bad for me as I could relax in the sun and play outside and tease the neighbor’s dogs.
I love teasing them. When I go out in the backyard I go close to the fence to their property. And they come running and barking and fighting with each other. Meanwhile I pee and mark my territory in their direction. I just ignore them and walk to the other side of the property. They try to follow me but they can’t as there is a fence where their property ends.

Oops, sorry, where was I!? Ah yes, the fuel pump needed to be ordered again. In the late afternoon shortly before they closed my mistress called again and was told that thy put in the fuel pump but were not able to make a long test drive. Problem was, it was Friday and they are closed on the weekends.
That would have meant we we would stay another two days. But Alek from Pete’s Autoclinic told my humans that one of the mechanics will come in on Saturday, on his day off, to make a long test drive with the van. Isn't this awesome? My humans were very happy.


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