June 13, 2018 - off we go to Canada, or maybe not

Yesterday evening my humans started to pack. I mean really pack, like everything.
This morning they had an appointment at the bank to talk about a business account. What ever business and account means, it was boring.
After we arrived back home they started loading everything in the van.
Wait a minute what does that mean? Leaving the desert and going to Canada? I kind of like that idea. Although I will miss everybody here badly.

At about 2pm we said goodbye and left.
You must know that going from Pahrump to Las Vegas you have to go over a pass, a high one. Well my humans went towards Highway 160, turned onto it and …. the van behaved weird. It could not drive uphill.
My mistress went off the highway the next possibility, turned around and went downhill. Everything was fine. They tried again to drive uphill and no luck with that. So my humans decided to go back to Pete’s Autoclinic.

They checked, made a test drive and decided that the problem would probably be the air filter and the fuel filter.

They were positive to be able to go over that hill now as the van ran pretty good.

To make a long story short - we got a little further not much. The van had the same issues and my humans turned into a dirt road, turned around and wanted to go back to the garage but the engine stopped and we were stuck.

My mistress called Pete’s Autoclinic and I tell you they were not amused. Neither were my humans. Alex, that nice young man at the reception told them to let the fuel pump cool down as this was probably causing the problem.
About 3 hours later they were able to start the van again and drive back to our friend’s house. My humans had an appointment for the next morning at the garage.

We slept our first night in the van. Not too uncomfortable I must admit.


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