May 22, 2018 – Coyotes in the neighborhood

What a night. I just fell asleep last night when suddenly it got very loud outside. At first all the dogs in the neighborhood started to bark like crazy. I tell you there are a lot of dogs around here, in all sizes and all breads. Most of them have to stay outside all the time. I feel very sorry for them; they don’t know how it is to sleep in your human’s bed – so nice and comfy.

All of a sudden, you could hear the coyotes scream. Well, I call it scream as it sounds like they are screaming, a very high frequency. That’s the noise they make when they are hunting. My mistress recorded it so you can hear it on my Facebook page (
They weren’t too close this time. Sometimes they are just in front of the house like 5m/16 feet away from our window.

I am not interested in these coyotes but they kept me from sleeping. So I started thinking. It’s not like the house we are staying in is in the middle of nowhere and there aren’t any neighbors. Well, it’s quite in the middle of nowhere as we are in the desert, but it is a small town with a population of about 39,000.
There is desert all around town and mountains all around.
A lot of rabbits, roadrunners, quails, chipmunks and more small animals live around here. Yes, coyotes, cougars, mustangs and burrows can be found here too. Mustangs and burrows can be found outside of town but coyotes and cougars are IN the city. This spring a cougar was close to an elementary school but animal control just watched it as it did not come too close but last year they shot a cougar close to Walmart as people were feeding it and it lost it’s fear. Poor cougar, he was hungry and they gave him food. You can’t blame him.
Coyotes are everywhere in the city. Here in Nevada the coyotes are mixed with wolves, so they are a little bigger.
My mistress told me that when she and my master came here for the first time in 2014 they were driving through the desert in the dawn. They only met three cars in 1.5 hours of driving. All of a sudden a coyote was standing in the middle of the street. They passed him slowly and he disappeared in the desert again. Our friends here told them they haven’t seen a coyote in the six years they’ve been living here. What a coincidence.

I overheard my humans when they talked about wolves in Germany. They said the wolves are returning to Germany after they have been gone for a long time. While some people are happy the wolves returned to Germany others are scared and frightened of them. Wolves sometimes kill sheep and other domestic animals on farms and people are discussing if these wolves should be killed to protect the animals and most of all the humans. According to my humans you could prevent your sheep from being killed when you keep lamas with your sheep. What is that good for? Lamas don’t belong here; they come from a country far, far away, where I haven’t been to yet. And they spit, right in you
How come this works here? In the wintertime the kids walk to the bus stop in the dark while the coyotes are still out there hunting. Nothing happens to the kids.
Why don’t they just teach the humans in Germany to not feed the wolves and scare them away when they come too close?
It is the same thing with bears in Canada. Bears are around and the humans have to follow some rules to keep the bears away, like not leaving any food outside of the house, empty the trash cans on a regular base and most of all not to feed them. If a bear gets aggressive he will be shot because then he is a risk. Remember I told you that bear we saw in Vancouver, close to the RV Park? This was only a couple of 100 meters away from the RV Park and as long as the bear did not act aggressive it was fine with everybody.
Why is this possible in Canada and the USA but not in Germany? It might be the same problem in other countries, I don’t know.
I don’t understand this. My mistress just recently read a book called “Wolfskuesse Mein Leben unter Wölfen” (Wolf kisses – my live among wolves). It is written by a Elli H. Radinger. Mrs. Radinger spent a lot of time watching wolves in Yellowstone Park and she is an expert. Maybe my mistress should ask her, she might know. My mistress loved that book and said after reading this she would love to go and watch wolves and coyotes even more than before. Right now she can only take pictures with her phone as the cameras broke while we were on tour with the West Wind Voyageur Brigade last summer and she will try to go watch wolves and coyotes as soon as she has a new camera.

One year while we were here in Nevada my humans went to California with our friends and were followed by a coyote in the desert. That coyote probably had rabies and it looked very sick. My humans took a video of that and I will post it on my Facebook Page too.

Why can’t animals and humans just live together and tolerate each other? I know I am a dog and I should not ask questions like this. Saying that I will stop thinking about this and make sure my mistress gets my food ready, as it is almost food time for me. All I need to do now is sit next to her, look at her and smack and lick my lips while making as much noises with this as I can. This normally works. Sometimes it takes a while until she understands and the day before yesterday she even forgot to give me food. Can you imagine this? That’s unbearable and I need to change this. She has to be obedient to be a good human.

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