April 13, 2018 – Shopping

If only I would have known my humans wanted to go on a shopping tour I might have stayed at home, or maybe not because I love going shopping.

Today my humans had to make some shopping. First we went to Home Depot. That’s a store where you can get all kind of tools and things you need for construction. My humans looked at the gas grills they offered for sale. They were wandering around for a while until they finally found what they wanted. Off we went to the next stop, CVS. This is a shop where you can purchase your medicine and health care stuff but also dog treats. Unfortunately they only had dog treats I don’t like.
My humans got what they wanted and we went to the next store, Walmart.
I already told you I love Walmart because it smells so good. My humans got me some treats and some other stuff they needed for making dinner that night.

But as they could not get anything they needed we went to Albertsons next. Here you can get food; almost everywhere is food. Awesome, I love this store. I met another dog in the store but we couldn’t say hello to each other, as humans don’t like that when you are in a store.

Although I am not the shopping type I enjoyed this shopping tour. Everybody treated me very nicely and a lot of people petted me and told my humans what a very well behaved dog I am and how beautiful I am. Although I am a dog I like compliments like that. Don’t you like compliments too? Yes, I know, you are not a dog but humans like compliments even more than dogs, don’t they? I know my mistress likes it when my master makes a compliment to her.

There were so many smells that day and so many people I met and things I saw. An awesome day.

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