March 13, 2018 – Walmart

Ok, this is crazy, even to me. Remember I told you I am an official Emotional Dog? Today my humans took me with them again. They said they need to do some groceries and as they are still afraid I might eat another poisoned mouse they take me with them when they both leave the house. Today it was quite warm outside, about 24°C/75F and it get’s hot in the car. The other times they took me to a place called Walmart I had to stay in the car, but today they wanted to take me inside.
I don’t really know what Walmart is but I know that when they bring home food for me that say they have been to Walmart and they get all this good stuff there which I am not allowed to eat because it is “HUMAN FOOD”. Don’t you think that’s wrong, Dog food and human food and cat food and fish food and so on? Why can’t we eat all the same food? I admit human food smells way better than my food but my food comes in a bag or a can and they just have to fill that into my bowl while they have to prepare their food in many different ways.

Sorry, I got sidetracked again. Food always sidetracks me – grin!

Where was I, ah yes, Walmart. Well, this time my humans took me with them to Walmart, I mean inside the store not in the car.
THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!!! Food everywhere. This is paradise for me. Human food, cat food, dog food, food for horses, chicken, fish, …
Can I just stay here and try everything? I don’t think so.
My master pushed a cart where he put in all the stuff they wanted to purchase and my mistress was with me. They said I behaved very well. I wanted to sniff everywhere and say hello to everybody, but there was too much to smell and too many people to say hello to. I stayed with my mistress and tried not to put my nose everywhere. As a reward for good behavior my humans got me a new Nylabone – with peanut butter flavor. Yummy!!!!
Don’t tell me you do not know what a Nylabone is?! This is something I can chew on. It is made out of tough, durable nylon. When I chew it, it cleans my teeth and it tastes great. I have a lot of fun chewing it but my humans sometimes don’t like it as I make a lot of noises chewing on it.
I love these Nylabones and my old one was almost too small to chew on it and now I get a new one.

Of course there would have been way more things I would have wanted to chew on but I am a well-trained dog.

Now I am an officially approved Walmart dog – that’s what my mistress called me.

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