December 2016 - Uups, they did it again

Hi, I am Lupo, an Australian Sheppard - Golden Retriever Mix. First at all I need to mention I really love my humans, my people as I call them - Peter and Anja. There are more people belonging to my pack but they are somewhere else.
I am 7 years old now and still feel like a puppy sometimes.
Enough talking about me, this is not what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about traveling with my humans, Peter and Anja.
In December 2015, shortly before Christmas they started to pack everything in the house and people I didn't know came to the house and took things away. I did not know what was happening at that time, but I thought, well, Christmas is soon and I am sure I will get my present and something special to eat, just as every year. Well, I was wrong. Instead they were working in the house till the middle of the night. I was so tired. The moment I realized something strange is going on was, when they took my box and put my blanket in there. Early in the morning they took me, my box and some suitcases and we went to the airport with a taxi.
I have been at the airport before to pick up my master when he came back home after he was gone for a couple of days and my mistress worked at the airport and sometimes I was allowed to pick her up from work with my master.

This time it was different. I had to go in the box. At first I did not want to but my mistress put some Brezel in there, one of my favorites. I could not resist and went in AND THEY SHUT THE DOOR!!!! Can you imagine this? I was stuck in the cage. I mean, I love my cage, it's a secure place and I can hide in this, but with the door closed I was stuck in there.  I do love my humans and I trust them completely so I thought by myself, let's see what they are up to. If only I knew! My humans took me to a place they called United States of America and other names like desert. To be honest, it wasn't as bad as I expected after they took me into the belly of a big metal thing that was flying. I think they call it airplane.

The desert was great. At first I was very tired. My humans talked about Jetlag, don't know what this is but I was very tired the first couple of days. We left home while it was really cold outside but here in the desert it was nice during the day. Oh, I must tell you about that big, big backyard. I could run around and chase rabbits and something they called Quails. To me it looked like birds that were to lazy to fly.

To make a long story short, we stayed for a long time and than they put me in the cage again and I had to fly again. We were back in Germany. I remembered some places.  I thought, well, the desert was way nicer and could go and run in the backyard whenever I wanted and did not have to wait for my humans to walk me. Just as I thought I would get used to this they put me in the cage again. At the airport I realized I had to fly again, oh I hate flying. It is so scary. My humans tried to help me with my fear and gave me some pills. I felt better after that but it was shaky and I was really, really scared, all alone in the belly of that flying thing. My people call it airplane.

You probably can imagine where we went - the desert! Wow, there was this incredible backyard with all the rabbits and Quails and much more. Sometime the cat was outside. I tell you, this cat is so boring. It did not want to play with me.

Half a year went by and we had to leave this paradise. I admit, it was getting hot and with my black and grey fur I started to be hot.

Guess what happened next. No you are wrong -  they did not put me in the cage and into the airplane. We are traveling.

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