June 06, 2017 - On the road to where?

On the road to where? Seattle?

It is already almost food time for me and we are going to Seattle? NOW? Excuse me dear humans, I am hungry or at least I will be soon. Ok, maybe not, I get tired in the car easily because it is moving. Maybe, just maybe, I am fine with waiting a little longer for my food.

Here we go, leaving Pahrump, NV. With all it’s nice people, the lovely backyard and Bandit, the cat. Not to forget the turtles, rabbits, quails, hummingbirds, roadrunners, black widows, cog roaches, center pies and coyotes. There are a lot of animals around in Pahrump. In the night you could hear the coyotes hunting and sometimes they came close to the house. There are two kinds of rabbits, the small ones and the Jack Rabbits. The Jack Rabbits are almost as big as a cat. I’ve never seen one of those in the backyard but lots of the smaller ones. Boy I tell you, they are pretty fast. Bandit the cat loved to catch the baby rabbits and eat them, well, eat half of it. He always left the bottom part. My mistress found one that was still alive and she took it to the other side of the road to give him a chance to survive. But maybe one of the hawks caught it.

We left Pahrump and went towards Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a biiig city, with a lot of cars. My humans say it is a crazy city, with a lot of gamblers. Me personally, I do prefer being in Pahrump, it is not as noisy and it smells way better.
I found Pecan nuts in the backyard and they taste very good. Ok, every now and than while nobody was watching me and took a little left over snack out of the trash bin. The problem is, if I do this I am so overwhelmed with the taste of all that human food that I completely forget to hide the remains like paper plates, napkins, …. And I don’t know what it is but every time I do this my mistress knows just by looking at me. She just knows and gets angry every time. Sometimes, if I had real “bad” stuff I did not get my food for the day. She calls it bad stuff but I call it yummy - you know, stuff like pizza, cereals, hot dogs, everything very healthy for me. My mistress has a different opinion about this.

Ok, back to my story. We were driving for quite a while and it got dark. We did not stop for a long time, to be honest there was nothing to stop at. My mistress told my master that the need gas for the car as the tank was 3/4 empty. Wait a minute, doesn’t a car need gas to run? What if there is no gas anymore? Are we stuck then? Do we have to stay in the desert for the night in the car? No, I do not like this idea, there is wild animals out there! I am just a tiny little dog from Germany and I am scared.

Luckily there was a gas station before we ran out of gas. My master knew this because he looked in this little square thing he sometimes talks to and that talks back with the voice of my other people or my mistress.

Now can you imagine, in the middle of nowhere, on the gas station was a little picknick area. My humans wanted to feed me there. Feeding me on a gas station? No way! And they did not even give me the food I liked! No, I refused to eat it. Just had a little sip of water.

Back in the car we drove for another 2 hours until we finally found a Motel6 in Ely, NV. What a day - so exciting. Not much to see though, mountains, desert, not even a lot of cactuses, nothing else. Just an armadillo was next to the road.

I was tired and fell asleep soon ….

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