May 15, 2018 – Pahrump Valley Museum

Today my humans got up early, as usual. Normally I can nap after breakfast because they sit in front of these things and move their fingers on the so-called keyboard.
Not today though. Today I could not nap. They took me with them to go to Pahrump Valley Museum. Seriously? I am a dog, why would I go to a museum?
It’s a very short drive to the museum and from the outside it looked nice. A lot of cactuses but I wasn’t allowed to pee there anyways.

Inside of the museum my humans signed the guest book and made a donation. After that they wandered around in the museum. My mistress told me that there is quite a lot to see.
Old weapons, Army uniforms, books with Army crests, tools, cameras, an old piano,…. They show Native American artifacts and artifacts of Pahrump’s first Anglo settlers, prospecting, ranching and farming exhibits.

Most important in this museum are two things.
Number 1: Borax. I did not know what Borax is, why should I? I never went to school. My mistress explained it to me. Borax is a mineral. It is used as a detergent, as fire retardant and much more.
Borax was found in Death Valley in 1881 and starting in 1883 they transported borax from Death Valley to Mojave. A 20-mule team transported it and this is what the company was called “20 Mule team”. You can still find that name on the borax packages. My mistress took a photo of a wood carving in the exhibition that gives some information about borax.

I am starting to get bored. This is not interesting for me. If the exhibition would be about food and actually give you samples of different food – that would be interesting. I had no choice; my humans walked me through the entire exhibition.

Number 2: Nevada Test Side. In the Mojave Desert was a nuclear test side in Nye County (where Pahrump is located) and about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. In 1951 the government started to test nuclear weapons there.
At Yucca Mountains is a Nuclear Waste Repository.
In the exhibition you can find a lot of information about all this and watch a couple of short videos.

I am still bored. This is meaningless information to me. But my humans were interested in this and so I had to stay with them.

After looking at the exhibition my humans started to talk to the lovely Marilyn Davis, the museum director. They chatted quite a while and another couple from Michigan joined the conversation. If they would have been quiet I might have been able to take a nap. But the floor was hard and they were talking too much so I couldn’t sleep. I started whining because I had to pee and it took my mistress quite a long time to understand what I tried to tell her. Maybe I should train her better.
These humans talked about everything, Las Vegas, politics, education, ancestry and so on. They seemed to enjoy the conversation as they laughed a lot.
My mistress purchased a book about Healing Crystals.

There is an outside exhibition too. A schoolhouse (the house was transported in a whole from Ash Meadows to the museum), Pahrump Store, Dixie’s Ranch House and more can be found outside. There is even a doghouse and my humans thought about taking a picture of it with me. Luckily I could convince them not to do that, as I was too big for that doghouse. Instead they took a picture of me in the schoolhouse.

If you want to know more about Pahrump Valley Museum please visit the website or check out the Facebook page

My humans did some groceries after that at Walmart. You might know I do enjoy this thing called doing groceries. I beg them every other day to take me to the store. It smells sooooooo good in there. If only I would get more of the good stuff while we are there.
I might have a little talk with my mistress and let her know what exactly it is I want. The only thing is, she can be very stubborn and if she doesn’t want to understand she simply doesn’t understand what I try to tell her. Humans!

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