June 15, 2017 - Burnaby Cariboo RV Park

June 15, 2017 – Burnaby Cariboo RV Park

It’s raining. I don’t like rain! As the weather was bad busking was not an option today. My humans decided to do another workday in the TV room. I like that idea as it means for me I can take a very long nap and don’t need to be out in the rain.

My mistress paid for two more nights at the RV park but we can't stay longer as the limit is 7 nights. My mistress looked for another place to stay and found a nice place on AirBnB. She send a request to stay there, now we have to wait for the answer. The good thing - this is even less expensive then the RV park.

Peter, my master, went to the pool after they talked to Ken over the computer. I miss the desert, I miss the warmth, I miss the backyard and I miss the people in Pahrump. I also miss my family in Germany. I trust my humans and I am sure we will all meet again.

While my master was at the pool my mistress found a job offer she could not ignore. She applied for it and we will see what happens.

It was raining all day long and my humans were afraid the rain might come into the tent. Luckily the tent was fine when we returned in the evening. Everything was a little clumsy as it was wet outside but that will dry again after the rains stops.

At about midnight it finally stopped raining. I was glad to be in the tent as it is muddy outside and I don’t like this. I am a very clean dog, never roll in the dirt, don’t like going for a swim and don’t like rain. I do like lying in the sun though. Hopefully there will be sun tomorrow.

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