June 08, 2017 - Ontario, OR to Seattle, WA

Ontario, OR to Seattle, WA

Obviously we are not in Seattle yet as we go back into the car. This time my humans had breakfast at a Wingers Roadhouse Grill before we left. I had to stay in the car. As it was early in the morning this was fine for me.
I tell you, my humans must have had something really good for breakfast. They brought the left overs to the car and I could smell it. Eggs, hash browns, pancake and waffle with syrup. I get hungry just by thinking of it.

After my people had breakfast we went back on the road and they said we would be in Seattle this afternoon.
While driving I saw something strange. There was a house on the street. Well, not on the street really but on a truck. That’s like a snail transporting its house around. Isn’t that weird - a house on a truck. Can’t they just build another house where they need it?

These mountains were really high, I could feel it as my ears felt strange. We stopped in a nice town to put gas in the car. The town was called Baker City. My mistress said these houses were all the original houses built back in the time when the city was built. The people of the city want to stay them as they were so they take good care of the houses.

We drove another hour or so and all of a sudden we stopped on the freeway. The freeway was completely closed as there was an accident. We drove into a town called La Grande. There were cars and trucks everywhere. My mistress stopped the car to get a coffee and to find a detour.
And off we go again, taking the detour. This was a 80 mile detour over the mountains. Can you imagine there was snow on the mountains in JUNE!
I was glad when we were back on the freeway. My mistress said this took us 3 hours and we will arrive in Seattle in the evening.

After a while it started raining and it did not stop for a long time. To go to Seattle we had to go over the mountains and down again. It did not look like the Pacific Ocean is close at all but the signs said 10 miles. This was confusing. We passed a couple of lakes but due to the rain we could not see them.
Finally we arrived in Seattle. There was a lot of traffic as it was rush hour. My humans told me we might take a ferry to Canada the next day, therefore we went to the harbor first. I tell you, Seattle is crazy! There are so many steep hills. My humans said they had to use the brake uphill at the traffic lights. I liked the smell of the Pacific Ocean but we did not have time to go to the beach, as we needed to find a motel.

We drove over a long bridge. The first motel we went to did not have any vacancies. My mistress called another motel that had a room available for us in Issaquah. It was a short drive and I was glad to get out of the car.
It was late but my humans had to prepare traveling the next day. They said we would cross the Canadian border the next day. I don’t know what that means. But I do know it was cooler in Seattle. I was used to the temperatures in the desert, we had 96F the last couple of days before we left Pahrump. Now it was cold as I changed my fur to summer fur. My people put on long pants and pullovers as they were freezing too.
My mistress tried to figure out what would be the best way to go to Canada and figured going by ferry would be the best.

I was tired and fell asleep while my humans were still talking and packing.

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